10 Fast Hair Extensions

Although formulas, masks and care products that will allow hair to grow faster are quite many, you can achieve this wish with just a few simple methods. Ways to have healthy and long hair is not so difficult, just pay attention to them.

  • Never wash your hair with hot water. Hot water damages your hair follicles. Washing with warm or cold water will make your hair strong.
  • In your bathroom, massage your scalp while washing your hair. While you are shampooing and rinsing, the massage you will make on your scalp will speed up and revitalize your blood circulation. As your hair follicles relax, the growth process accelerates.
  • Drink lots of water. It is important for your health as well as your body health. Hair that is sufficiently moist is less worn, and live hair grows faster.
  • Ingestion of high doses of caffeine and alcohol can damage your hair. The nutrients you take for healthy hair are also very important. You should reduce the amount of alcohol and caffeine. Likewise, consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is very important.
  • A protein-rich diet is also among the methods that allow hair to grow faster. Also, missing vitamins in your body
  • Cosmetic products containing chemicals such as jelly and spray prevent your hair from breathing. So your hair may slow down. Use natural care products as much as possible.
  • One of the easiest ways to grow hair fast is to stay away from stress. Today, we do not know how possible this is, but according to experts, stressful life is the head of every problem.
  • Relax with sports, yoga and meditation. Create moments that you can relax yourself during the day. Breathe deeply and smile profusely.
  • Keep your hair moist all the time. Applying conditioner or moisturizing oils after each shampoo will prevent your hair from breaking and wearing out.
  • For fast hair growth, you need to avoid perms, dulls or heavy hair-opening chemicals. Frequent change of hair color will wear your hair out. Remember, but healthy hair grows quickly.

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