10 new short hair styles to use this winter.

10 new short hair styles to use this winter.

10 new short hair styles to use this winter.


Winter is now upon us but … no fear! Not only will the spring season make a comeback very quickly, but also the season cold of the year should not be underestimated, giving you a charm and a practically unique atmosphere. In our opinion, the best thing you can do to welcome the arrival of winter is to review your haircut hair, and make it closer to your feelings and your emotions, to combine with the trends and fashions that are emerging in these days with particular conviction and liveliness. Ready to know a little more?




Let’s start with the undercut , a real recent myth. Pleasantly dusted off in recent years, the undercuts have come back over and over in recent weeks, making one thing clear: they will certainly be a stylistic reference point for all women who want to affirm their personality with a hairstyle [19459007 ] rather decisive and aggressive, however declinable in a romantic and feminine key with incredible ease. A gentle shave, combined with one short bob , a pixie or a haircut anyway short with tuft long , it will certainly give you a new charm!


Colored messy effect


Another style that will surely be appreciated over the next few months will be a short haircut enriched with a messy effect , a little disheveled. Everything can then be enriched by a pleasant contrast of colors, taking full inspiration from the coolest tones of this season and the next. Among the main ones, lavender seems to be the most popular with younger women, but if you want to exaggerate, you can do it by focusing on green, blue or a mix of colors, with a reference to the rainbow style!




Speaking of slightly aggressive cuts and hairstyles, the style mohawk could be the one for you. If you want to give yourself a touch Mohican, you can do it by pushing on the lateral shavings and on the central part of the wider crown, to be worn backwards and upwards, a little voluminous. If you wish to have an even more striking effect, try coloring the hair with a metallic tone !


Short bob


Returning instead to the haircuts more common and more “spendable” in everyday life, the short bob, or short bob, will certainly be for you. All you have to do is arrange the length of your hair in the most personalized and pleasant way based on the characteristics of the face, and play with tufts and fringes.


Platinum Pixie


The platinum blonde pixie cut is certainly one of the coolest trends of the period. Set aside for a different period, and made almost “niche”, platinum blonde has in fact recently returned in a more contemporary key, rising among the styles preferred by women all over the world. A pleasant variant is ice blonde or pearly blonde.


Asymmetrical bob


For lovers of bob , we close with a good reference to the asymmetrical bob, a helmet with more lively and dynamic lines, which may be able to satisfy your restyling ambitions.


Finally, we close with a beautiful gallery that we want to submit to you in order to enrich your opportunities for choosing a new short haircut. In the following lines you can find 10 different photos from which you can take the right inspiration. Browse them by carving out a few minutes of your time and try to understand what the photos are considered “best” for your boss. Having said that, talk to your hairdresser and … let us know what you’ve decided!


10 new short hair styles to use this winter.

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