10 new short haircuts for November!

10 new short haircuts for November!

If you are thinking of reviving your look, perhaps going to marry one of the coolest short haircuts of the moment, try taking a look at our photo gallery today : you will find dozens of new hairstyles that you could choose to embrace for this last part of September, thus experiencing a style revision for next autumn!


As it turns out to be very simple from this first interpretation of style, alternatives abound. Think of the more aggressive, almost new punk, more romantic looks, passing through more daring trends, with clear references to the 70s and 80s. The alternatives of color seem to be just as varied, with more or less eccentric discolorations, shades and hues, which can be well applied to your garment.


As is clear from our photogallery, from very short to medium-short there is a proliferation of profitable style habits, all to show off in the coming months. for example, you can evaluate a beautiful pixie cut, with a lateral line and a renewed volume on the roots, or maybe a short cut with styling put , which can give you a new fresh and cheeky image, which can benefit the details of your face, which will be immediately enhanced.


Naturally go-ahead for cuts with longer and lateral tufts, enhanced by soft folds for an effect as natural as possible, or even the mythical undercut, which you can reinterpret on different lengths and ends, based on your style needs, and perhaps avoiding to proceed with an excessive shaving (but instead playing with the nuances).


Still, you can very well carry out personalized revisions of the undercut: we really like the tendency to leave hair short and straight on the nape and on the front, going to reward a very soft and wide tuft. A hairstyle that will be able to satisfy all women who do not like too short hair, or who are perhaps approaching the world of short, and want to do it through a not too excessive look.


New spectacular short haircuts! Which one do you prefer?


If you are curious enough, it is highly probable that in these weeks you will be looking for a new look of short hair with which to revolutionize your appearance in October, and therefore put yourself with the best intentions in the months to come. But what are the cuts and hairstyles that stylists all over the world are recommending for those women who love short hair, and would never give up their little extended look?


Now, it is good to remember, from these first introductory lines, that it is not at all easy to try to provide an answer to this complex question. Over the past few months, we have seen hundreds of short hair styles approach and overlap on the most prominent catwalks in the world, and no trend seemed to be able to prevail over colleagues (or competitors, depending on how you think).


Nothing prevents us, however, from anticipating the times by proposing some particularly captivating styles, which over the weeks have fully convinced us. For example, we appreciated short haircuts with a very lateral line, and a tuft capable of embracing the entire head, with possible discoloration aimed at guaranteeing an even more inspired look.


The timeless fringe, already revised several times in recent years, and well able to offer enthusiasm also in October and throughout the autumn / winter that will follow, can be evaluated with particular satisfaction. If you love to shorten even more, try a very light pixie cut, with tufts left free: if the effect achieved is not the desired one, help yourself with a product that can volumize the hair, trying to achieve your preferred styling.


Again, carefully consider the opportunity to show off a nice bob slightly disheveled: it is a natural choice, which many stylists have proposed in recent months, and which in our opinion could gain some steps of preference more than in previous seasons, especially if you have wavy hair. Speaking of bobs, the most vintage bobsleigh to be evaluated with full hands: a cut of clear references from the 60s and 70s, which does not seem to want to give way to the times that progress.


As always, in order to get to the most desired cut, get a hand from our photo gallery today: inside you will find dozens of new short cuts for the next season, which you will also have the opportunity to share with your hairdresser. of greater confidence. With a little effort of creativity and customization, the best results will not be long in coming!


In any case, the usual advice remains: choose one or more looks with which you want to become more confident, and imagine them on your head. A full sharing of intent with your hairdresser will certainly encourage your evaluations, avoiding that they are influenced by excessive emotions, which could harm the correct interpretation of your new look!


10 new short haircuts for November!

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