10 problems that only women with long hair can imagine ...

10 problems that only women with long hair can imagine …

Do you have a beautiful long hair ? It is certainly a very fascinating choice that will allow you to achieve important benefits and references of femininity. Yet, nice or not, we cannot fail to remember how long hair is also an obvious concern for all those women who have it and who sometimes would like to give up their extra long hair. Let’s see 10 classic examples!


They get caught everywhere


Long hair gets caught everywhere. From zippers to scarves, the longer hair end up being easy to be “interlocked” just where it would not be needed. Disentangle? Never easy!


Washing and drying takes a long time (too long!)


Washing long hair is a real feat of patience, given that the washing and the relative drying will take a very long time with the largest hair. In short, washing long hair means planning to have some time available … and lots of patience with you!


The wind will always mess them up


On windy days, long hair can turn into a real nightmare. At each gust you will find them everywhere (in the mouth, in the eyes, etc.). And once you reach the shelter it is likely that the hair has become so messed up that it is unrecognizable!


Hair takes too many folds


Let’s imagine that you are in the above situation: a beautiful windy day and a hair that is not really fit could lead you to tie your hair in a beautiful ponytail. Are you all right? Not a chance? Depending on the way you tie your hair , once you loose it you will have the annoying impression of a bizarre fold, which will probably force you to return to the harvest …


They will leave marks in the shower and sinks


The long hair falls exactly like short hair, but their length will give you the impression that in reality their fall is much thicker and exaggerated. In short, at the end of a shower or washing in the sink, you will see their obvious signs on the floor or on the sink itself. You just have to collect them to prevent them from ending up with the drains.


The difficulty in finding the right accessories


Having long hair also means having to deal very frequently with a wide range of accessories. From rubber bands to bobby pins, you will be bound to depend on them. Just a shame that finding excellent quality and able to withstand the impetuous strength of your hair will not be easy at all. And once you find the right ones? The greatest risk is to lose them and … you will realize how easy it is!

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