100 really trendy short cuts not to be missed.

100 really trendy short cuts not to be missed.

Many girls and women of all ages wear or want to wear this type of cut because the super short cuts are beautiful, very easy to manage and also absolutely suitable for the summer but also for the coming winter. The short and super short cuts lend themselves to countless variations, all can find the short or super short cut that best suits your personality, your character and, why not, even the sensations that are experienced in a certain period, and then change as soon as they vary moods. Do not be afraid, dare, and remember, moreover, that the day you had to get tired of your short or super short, there are always the extensions !


The super-short cuts illustrated below are various and for all tastes: neat or messy, with fringe, equal or asymmetrical, or without fringe, with tufts or without, pixie or bob: you are spoiled for choice!


Short hair colors to be (really!) The most beautiful


Choosing the right hair color is the real “trick” that can separate a flat and monotonous hair style from an extraordinarily attractive look and great personality. There is no need for an accurate cut, if it is not accompanied by the coolest nuance of the moment, to be adapted on your head. By the way, which one to choose?


As you should know, if you have looked more closely at the numerous photogalleries of the past few months, the breadth of the potentially usable colors is practically infinite. In fact, you can opt for a more sober and “already seen” color, or go towards a more eccentric or niche shade. Much will depend on you and your needs, as well as on the context in which you are going to “bring” this look!


If you want to dare a little more, even in view of a summer that will have you protagonists, we can only recommend a nice pastel color: from pink to blue, from purple to green, they are many opportunities are given to women who wish to appreciate their personality a little more. And if you are uncertain, why not focus on coloring with such pastel shades only the lengths or a lock?


Short hair styles for those with a few more years


It was once thought that short hair was the natural evolution of women who “have a certain age”. An old rule that may well apply even today, although it is certainly not correct to consider the preceding statement in a reductive sense: short hair is not a defensive weapon to counteract the evolution of your hair, but a real weapon of attack to renew your charm.


It is certainly no coincidence that short cuts have their maximum expression in the summer season, when women all over the world want to show off a fresh, cheeky, romantic and particularly captivating hairstyle. In order to make you fall into a pleasant temptation, in the following lines you will find our truly enviable photo gallery, inside which you will find many really fantastic short cuts, with which to enrich and embellish your summer look!


As our gallery is well able to document, the “world” of short cuts can range from very short cuts to those that approach a medium cut, and which is generally married with greater conviction by all those women who do not they are still particularly convinced that they want to give us a more full-bodied cut, and prefer to choose an intermediate shape that can bring them closer to the world of the most rigorously short cuts.


As can be guessed, the short-medium cut can also be a definitive solution: in some cases, as in the hypothesis in which the woman has particularly pronounced contours, a pixie cut may even be discouraged. So what is the solution?


Our suggestion can only be the most intuitive one: get advice from an expert, who can understand what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are and, consequently, try to correctly interpret your style. Having said that, break the delay and embrace the short cuts with conviction and confidence: they will never betray you!


Short hair is the ideal solution for all women who have a few more years and want to be able to refresh their look, marrying an easily manageable style, capable of giving high appeal. And it is no coincidence that more and more young women have embraced the conditions, making this hairstyle their new goal! However, as all women who have short hair for a long time will know well, not all that glitters is gold. Short hair needs frequent maintenance, forcing you to return to the hairdresser at least once every 30 days. A small sacrifice, for a result that will be amply rewarded in terms of satisfaction!


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