15 colorful bob cuts among the coolest of the moment!

15 colorful bob cuts among the coolest of the moment!

If you have been following us for a long time you should know that bob are among the favorite short hair styles in the editorial office. And you should also know what are the reasons that should also guide your tastes towards a single evaluation of this look, able to adapt very well to satisfy the style preferences of any woman, more or less young, with more or less hair smooth, more or less natural.


The bob is on the other hand one of the short or medium hair styles that has most managed to remain “unscathed”, over time, to the evolutionary changes suggested by the fashions of the moment . Guaranteeing a consolidated reputation in any beauty salon in the world, today the bob is synonymous with elegance , and can well be applied to the hair of younger or more mature girls, with identical satisfaction.


The bob is, in fact, a sort of style pass, which does not fear aging or obsolescence . A choice that tends to be sober, the bob can also be married in a richer and more casual way, thus obtaining full compliance with the needs shown by the woman from time to time, who can use the same cut (and this is certainly not a common feature! ) to appreciate your most rigorous and minimal beauty, or the easiest and most indulgent one!


As regards the use of coloring, the bob – usually medium or medium-short – can boast an extension that can give vent to all the most important coloring and bleaching trends. Therefore, woe to think that the bob must necessarily be combined with a homogeneous and unique color: even the bob (and, in some ways, especially the bob) “wants” experimentation and creativity. And, therefore, he will welcome the use of shatush, the coolest discolorations and all the other trends that we have been thinking of proposing over the past few months, in line with the trends revealed from time to time by the main runways in the middle world .


With similar premises, even today we are pleased to show you a beautiful collection of 19 recent photographic shots, which show you many ways to be able to bring the bob , with clear references to contemporary fashion. Given the variability of the photographic choices, it is very probable that inside this gallery you will actually find the style that best suits you. Once you find it, you just have to … try it: the exceptional results will certainly not be long in coming!































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