15 short, wavy and cheeky hair: a trend to follow!

15 short, wavy and cheeky hair: a trend to follow!

If you want to focus with conviction on short hair and wavy , there is something you absolutely must know: your choice is certainly seldom to appreciate a trend that is predominating in this season and the next, but it will be even more if you choose to focus on the messy and bed head style , casual and casual looks that are able to represent the ideal way to be able to give an even more beautiful and graceful appearance, useful to reflect your sporty, elegant, casual, refined and much more.


So let’s try to provide you with some useful ideas in order to arrive at the definition of a look even more suitable than usual, doing justice to your charm!


Look messy = look that doesn’t disappoint!


The messy style , somewhat casual , is certainly one of the most convincing choices for this season. Of course, this is not a novelty: if you have read it with passion during this year and the previous one, you should have well understood that the look messy is certainly one of those that has won the most appreciation by hairstylists from all over the world.


The messy look is in fact able to give you a touch of greater youth and carefree , really perfect elements for a modern style, easily adaptable to a short style.


Easy to comb: what more could you want?


If you have frequently read our insights on the messy and bed head styles , you should also know that one of the greatest advantages that these kind of hairstyles will be able to give you is certainly represented by the possibility of being able to bet with conviction on the ease of combing.


They are, in fact, hair styles that will not necessarily require the “perfection” of the hair but, on the contrary, they base their beauty and their charm precisely on their imperfection. So go ahead, to messed hair, locks that are beyond your control, and so on. The important thing is of course not to exaggerate: the border between a pleasantly disheveled style and a disaster is quite subtle.


Therefore try to approach with a style as sober and orderly as possible and then run a hand through your hair to create soft and natural waves, giving the right dynamism to your style.


Having recalled the above, at this point we just have to share with you a nice gallery that will allow you to know a little more about the messy styles that more than others will be able to appreciate yours [19459002 ] very personal hairstyle . Try to consult the series of photographic shots with the right attention and let us know what you think: we believe it is very easy to fall into temptation with these splendid alternatives, which we invite you to show to your hairdresser in order to find the most captivating solution with him!

































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