15 super cool short haircuts to refresh your look!

15 super cool short haircuts to refresh your look!

The solution could be much simpler than you can imagine, and related to the adoption of a nice short haircut that can refresh your hairstyle, giving you an image youthful, seductive, jaunty and, at the same time, sober and suitable for all contexts in which it will be possible to show it off.


And woe to think that short hair is “masculine” or not very suitable to express your personality. Short hair is no longer just haircuts limited to ladies with an older age, or to the pixie cut maniacs: short hair is now a real style pass for all women who wish to be able to give their own a second life under the banner of modernity and contemporaneity, using one of the many trends in the field of short haircuts, which have been easily appreciated over the seasons.


In addition to this, also take into account the fact that each woman can find “her” short haircut, without exception: short hair fashions are so wide and diverse that they will be able to satisfy any person and any personality, thus allowing to be potentially appreciated by all young (and less young) readers.


What is important, as can be guessed, is to try to identify the “best” short haircut that he does for himself. Therefore, try to study the shape of your face and, on the basis of it, understand how short your hair must be to best enhance your features, and what volumes to enhance. Also try to understand if there are elements of particular beauty (for example, a rather intense gaze) or aesthetic “defects” (for example, ears a little “waving”) that short hair should keep in consideration.


Combing short hair, some advice to share


Although a good part of women prefer to keep their hair long, since convinced that only the most flowing hair is a symbol of femininity, all our readers know well how we think it: even short hair (and often, especially short hair !) are able to ensure the opportunity to ride the best trends of the moment, giving a refinement and aesthetic refinement that will make you stand out among friends and colleagues. But how is it possible to comb short hair ?


Let’s start by remembering that with short hair it is possible to really indulge in any change of look and hairstyle, ensuring total renewal even with the movement of a few simple strands, or the alternation of some lukewarm volume.


A beautiful style could for example be the more retro one: a style for which you will have to start from a distance (from washing), applying short hair a conditioner that can help you avoid the much feared frizz effect . So, after having rubbed them well with the towel (be careful not to touch them with your hands, nor to overdo it with the rubbing with the towel, just a tamponade!) Use a mousse that can shape the hair. Do not exaggerate even with the quantity of mousse: it is enough to take a little, to be applied only on the tips. While applying it, shape the locks to your liking and, finally, stand upside down to dry the hair with the diffuser.


A good, very youthful variation suggests, a few hours before washing , to prepare the skin by massaging it gently with a little argan oil. Leave it on for a few hours, to get the best in terms of health and shine. If, however, you do not have all this time available, you can run for cover with a good fixing product (get advice from your hairdresser, in order not to buy too aggressive products). At this point, take a comb and make a nice line on the side, proceeding to shape everything. Dry your hair gently by positioning the hair dryer not too close (otherwise you will run the risk of stressing the hair too much) and the result will probably be optimal!


If you also prefer, you can proceed to the same washing and drying initiative. However, for a more personal and aggressive effect, comb your hair all backwards, perhaps making you help with a fixing product. The result will be of great personality, with clear vintage references to the era it was!


Pixie cut to share: to each his own!


It’s easy to say “pixie cut “! A charming, casual, elegant cut, easily usable by women of all ages and able to show off any type of hair, from smooth to curly. In reality, however, the pixie cut is a world to be discovered, inside which there are so many variations that it cannot be immediately summarized in a few lines. Just enough, however, to ask yourself: how can I personalize the pixie cut, thus obtaining the best from this extremely topical look and significant appeal for young and old?


The answer, even in this case, can only come from a solid starting point: carefully observe the characteristics of your face and try to understand what are the advantage points to “explore” and strengthen and, on the other hand, what are the small or large defects that it would be better to try to hide. A consideration that we would like to renew also on this occasion, before leaving you with a new photogallery which – presumably – will be able to enrich the range of your concrete style alternatives.


Having said that, if you have a particularly elongated or heart-shaped face, the most suitable cut pixie could be a short not too close to the head , but disheveled both on the sides and on the nape. If, on the other hand, you have a particularly square face, remember that you should try to concentrate the volume on the upper part of the head, perhaps appreciating everything with locks that escape from the cut on the sides of the face, softening any “edges”. If, on the other hand, the face is round … you should already know: let’s try to lengthen the figure by cutting very short on the side (a little trick to lift the cheekbone) and give more volume to the face.


If finally the hair is curly, we have repeatedly said that the pixie cut can be ideal for eliminating a very annoying frizz effect, one of the most feared by all women. With a very short cut, on the other hand, the risk of encountering this unsightly effect is canceled, giving your face unexpected youth and freshness!


We leave you now with our usual photogallery: many ideas that we are pleased to submit to you in order to enrich the range of your concrete alternatives, and thus be able to facilitate you in identifying the best pixie cut [19459004 ] to show off in the coming months, in line with the most “in” trends of the moment


By playing a little with thought and creativity, you will realize how simple it can be to try to make a nice short haircut, in line with your specifics. And if the imagination and creativity today are not on your side, no fear: below we offer 40 modern short haircuts, which you could consider using for the month of February, giving the final greeting to your old look and preparing to embrace a new and renewed style!































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