15 super short haircuts for young women not to be missed!

15 super short haircuts for young women not to be missed!

Short hair has gained popularity over the past few years, gaining the passion and attention of women and young girls who until recently had not yet considered the opportunity to recreate on their heads the look with short or very short haircuts . But why are short hairstyles so cool and so used by celebrities, and beyond? Let’s find out a little more, enriching – even today – the range of styles that you can choose to use as beauty models!


In light of the above we have just introduced, we can only remember how there are really many hairstyle options for all the women who choose to provide confidence in short hair [19459005 ] . We can only remember, for example, the availability of short and elegant bobs, or the more captivating pixie cuts, or even the very short and the cuts that play on undercut and sidecut shaves, or further short haircuts that wink at medium cuts . In short, many variations within which you should certainly not struggle to find what suits you and your stylistic needs. A few examples?


Short with tuft


In the long list of potential alternatives that you have available to embellish your look with the short haircuts , let’s start from the short with a tuft, a really fantastic look to be able to appreciate more your hairstyle , making it more and more able to satisfy your personality. Therefore, try to evaluate the possibility of showing off a maxi tuft, as in trend in recent years, perhaps playing on the contrast with the part of the hair that will remain shorter. You will gain in strength and dynamism, and you will have a truly phenomenal look to show off this summer!


Undercut and sidecut


Scrolling through the list of some of the coolest short haircuts of the moment, a nod is naturally identifiable towards the undercut and the sidecut . This is certainly not a real novelty, considering that this kind of hairstyle has been on the crest of the wave for several years, but we also believe that it can satisfy more than a few women, young or old, even in the coming months. Everything is done using an ideal contrasting technique between the shaved or very short areas, and those left longer, which you will eventually be able to color in different tones.


Bob (still him!)


Did you miss bob ? So here we are ready to fix it! Omnipresent, the bob certainly could not miss even with regard to short haircuts. And in fact, on closer inspection what is happening in the most important hair fashion catwalks in the world, and in the sector magazines, short bobs continue to rage with their beauty and practicality, giving all the women they have chosen to bet on this model an incredible variety of variations. We are sure that among these, one could also be the one that suits you and your style needs!


At this point – you should know it well! – we can only season your curiosity with a pinch of imagination and creativity, showing you 15 different models of super captivating short haircuts to share with your hairdresser during the next sessions, in order to introduce you to the upcoming summer with a look that will leave everyone stunned! We therefore leave you with this interesting selection and, as always, we ask you to report among the comments which are the photos you prefer, and those that perhaps have helped you find some new stylistic ideas!































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