15 ash blonde haircuts that will thrill you!

15 ash blonde haircuts that will thrill you!

It is known that blonde hair attracts a lot of attention and admiration , whatever their hue. In fact, one of the advantages of the blonde is that there are so many shades to satisfy practically all needs . Today we talk about a specific shade: the ash blonde .

Generally blonde hair requires special care, but the ash blonde being a more discreet shade does not require such constant maintenance, therefore it is suitable for those who do not have much time to devote to their hair.

Ash blonde, here you get them and to whom they are fine

The blond remains the favorite color of many women, and just for those who cannot live without blond , it could be satisfying to know that this light hair has hundreds of different shades to customize and love. Like, for example, the ash blonde.

Ash blonde is one of the shades of blonde that has become more popular over the past few years and, in particular, the last seasons. Thanks to its particular nuance, it shows a hue that is neither too light nor too dark. Therefore, a blond who, contrary to what happens with most blondes, avoids tending too much towards yellow, and gives shades of exceptional attractiveness. In short, a tone that takes away any impression of platinum blonde and built, to give a sweet impression, which can make the features of those women with medium or dark base more romantic.

Who is the ash blonde good for?

Although not a “traditionally” blonde tone, the ash blonde is in all respects a tone that belongs to the macro category of blondes. Therefore, it is a shade that is necessarily obtained through a discoloration. And this, just as naturally, implies that those who have a light and medium base will be able to adapt more easily to blond, while women who have a dark base will have to be very careful: the risk that a contrast may be generated too marked is in fact more evident, with the consequence that then we will have to manage a situation that has the danger of becoming unpleasant. Do not worry, however: with a frequent retouching of the roots you can still get extraordinary effects, provided you put your soul in peace, and fix with your hairdresser a series of appointments necessary for the already remembered retouches.

How to wear the ash blonde

At this point, let’s try to understand what the best looks can be with which to enhance your beautiful blonde ash. All this, recalling how this color has the great advantage of being a classic tone – on the one hand – and particularly innovative – on the other. In short, a versatile tone, which will satisfy both the desires of those women who aspire to a call of classicism and traditionalism, and the preferences of those women who instead aim for something more exotic.

In short, as applies to many other styles that in recent years we have had the opportunity to observe and appreciate on our pages, even the ash blonde can only be the right work base for your need for personalization and creativity of your hairdresser. Let yourself be tempted by the photos that we have selected for you today, and don’t forget to do your best to make them “yours” …

How to take care of the ash blonde

Finally, some small advice to remind your ash blonde to remain beautiful for as long as possible. Considering that it will not be possible to resort daily to the help of a hairdresser, the solution can only be to take your own coloring while you are at home. Doing this is not difficult at all: some well-known hairdressers, for example, recommend the use of specific shampoos and masks for colored hair. These are very effective treatments, which will allow you to keep the pigments in your hair so that the color does not discolour over time.

At this point, we can only conclude today’s study in the most appropriate way: take a look at the photogallery that we have prepared for you. Inside you will find dozens of excellent ash blonde looks to evaluate and marry, guaranteeing your summer look an immortal charm!

Take a look at the photos below, we will show you some of the best ash blonde hairstyles that we have selected for you.

1. Short and pointed ash blonde look

Short and sweet are the two words that best define this style.

2. Ash blonde highlights

If you want to try a not too much ash blonde, highlights are for you.

3. Ash blonde soft waves

Add soft waves to your ash blonde hair and here is the result: splendid and sexy !

4. Ash blonde hair with side parting

This image further shows that ash blonde hair can be extremely sexy !

5. Ombre hair ash blonde with wavy hair

Lombre hair ash blonde and dark blonde is perfect together with the soft waves .

6. Brown waves / ash blonde / gray

Modern version of an ash blonde look

7. Ash blonde ringlets

The ash blonde even with the ringlets stands divinely !

8. Ash blonde rock cut

This ash blonde may seem sober but the cut combined with this color proves the opposite.

9. Bright and elegant ash blonde hair

Bello retro and sexy style !

10. Ash blonde low ponytail

It is always a good time for the ponytail , but with ash blonde hair it is always the right time!

11. Ombre hair ash blonde

With gradient you can always get interesting color effects.

12. Straight hair ash blonde

Take a plate and get to work! The result will be this.

13. Sensual ash blonde hairstyle with central row

The ash blonde is the basis for this sensual hairstyle from the 70s

14. Two wonderful ash blonde hairstyles

Two looks are always better than one and with this image we show you the ash blonde on the long bob (on the right) and on long wavy hair (on the left).

15. Ash blonde smoothed back hair

Fair and trendy , the best words to describe this hairstyle all backwards.

16. Ponytail with wavy ash blonde camber

The ash blonde enhances the “wow” effect of this ponytail.

17. Ash blonde hair all on one side

Some hairstyles are so fashion that they have to be photographed and this is definitely a cover hairstyle.

18. Lob with ash blonde shadows

With the ash blonde the bob , which is long, medium or short, is always in trend .

19. Ombre hair bronde with crown

The accessory can be an easy way to add personality to your hairstyle ash blonde .

20. Ash blonde beach effect waves

Although with a beach effect , these waves are doing well all year round.

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