15 very chic short haircuts for young women

15 very chic short haircuts for young women

Instead, try to organize your winter look in advance, trying to identify a fully convincing hairstyle , which can give you a more chic and romantic image, and which at the same time can be easily combed, a simple object maintenance and, above all, able to be used appropriately in any context, from the more “official” and working context, to the more saucy and leisure time. But what is the solution for all this?


Messy with undercut


Let’s start with one of the hair styles that is making young women around the world more passionate. A short haircut, with undercut , which you can enhance more by using the comfortable disheveled fake style. This is an option particularly enjoyed by younger women, but which could also convince some women later in the years. As we have mentioned several times on these pages, the only requirement is to not go overboard with the effect messy, as the risk of appearing scruffy is not that far. For the rest, you can easily enjoy all the advantages that such a hairstyle can give you: simple to comb, easy to maintain


Bowl cuts


The bowl haircuts had ended up on the margins of women’s preferences, but have come back arrogantly over the past few months. It is a tendentially geometric style that could well adapt to the style to be adopted in favor of those women who want a look with a great personality .


Bob shorts


If you are undecided about the short haircut that you could adopt in the near future, nothing better than to focus on the short bob. The bob, or bob, is also one of the styles preferred by women around the world, and will also represent one of the possibilities of greater safety and serenity for the most “undecided” people: easily declinable and customizable based on your actual characteristics visual, the bob bob is the best there can be in terms of sobriety and ability to “dress” on one’s hair.


Games of light


As for the colors , in the last few days we have repeatedly mentioned that there is full freedom to opt for the use of the coloring techniques more in recent years (balayage in the head) or for a return to the homogeneous hue, which in recent times had been a little neglected. You can also take a pleasant middle ground: try to warm up your natural tone with some tone of light that will give more brightness to your face. A small trick that will allow you to review your look in a positive way, without however distorting the original tones.


Here we are at the usual closing of our study today. And, as always, we have the pleasure of doing, we can only say goodbye by presenting you with a new photogallery that contains 15 different short hair styles that women who are more fashion conscious will certainly have the opportunity to look with the deserved attention. Try to take a careful look at the collection of models that will appear before your eyes below: it is very likely that some of these can represent a good starting point (hardly, arrival!) For the definition of your next look.


Therefore, if you believe you have found something that can really do for you, share your thoughts and reflections with your reference hairdresser and study with him how it is possible to personalize your look. Once this is done, there is nothing left to do but go straight to the winter restyling!

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