17 new photos of short hair for our readers with a rounder face!

17 new photos of short hair for our readers with a rounder face!

The round face is a little plump? It is certainly not a problem as regards the combination with a pleasant short haircut . This visual feature is in fact extraordinarily able to lend itself to a beautiful model of short hairstyle but … with some more attention than women who have a round face: in fact, adopt a haircut wrong will risk emphasizing the roundness that you want to streamline. On the other hand, choosing a good short haircut will allow an adequate personalization of your strengths, enhancing them more and in a more consolidated and lasting way!


So many ideas for you


In short, if the bad news of the above is represented by the fact that you will require greater attention in structuring the right short haircut , the good news is absolutely represented by the fact that you will have hundreds of excellent ideas to be able to adopt a new short haircut that can make your face slimmer, and can make you look even more beautiful than you are ! But how do you do it?


Personalization is the key to everything!


There are no unspeakable “secrets” to be able to get you to the desired result. The only advice we can give you is that it is essential to become aware of the fact that some haircuts (even those that perhaps seem more irresistible to you!) Are not at all able to satisfy any hair fashion need.


In short, if you have a more or less round face, you must resign yourself to the fact that some hair styles will be offlimits! But don’t worry: you will have at least as many pleasant alternatives available with which to make your look even more extraordinary and captivating. And of course we are here to delight you with some good choices!


Introduced the above, we can only remind you how people who have a round and a little plump face should pursue the goal of making their look more streamlined , perhaps going to identify cuts of hair that reconstitutes the impression of a good oval in those who look at you. Having said that, long bobs could really be a good choice for all of you, as well as angular and slanted bobs, which can make you even more chic than you are. If you are looking for a practical and modern hair style , do not underestimate the possibility of drawing on pixie cuts with rather long and side tufts: they are certainly ideal for reaching. a more youthful and gritty style!


Having clarified the above, as always we have the keen pleasure of sharing with you all some new galleries that can try to reach full inspiration for your skills and restyling needs. We therefore advise you to look carefully, carving out maybe a few minutes of your time, the alternatives that you can observe and “study” below. Try to imagine yourself struggling with these styles and try to understand what are the customizations that could be appropriate: then share your thoughts with the hairdresser, and we are sure that you will be able to quickly get to a look of short hair that is perfectly suited to your fantastic round face!





































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