17 reasons why it is better to get engaged to a girl with short hair

17 reasons why it is better to get engaged to a girl with short hair

I short hair ? Several times on our site we have listed the merits and all the stylistic advantages, reassuring all the women who were undecided on what to do about the benefits they could have had by resorting to a beautiful short haircut . Today we want to go a little further, and ask ourselves: what are the good reasons why a guy should choose to get engaged to a short-haired woman? Here are 17 reasons to share … what will be yours?


You can’t find her long hair around the house


Every day we lose at least a hundred hairs and … long hair stands out more. So if you want to avoid counting the long hair your girl has lost around the house (including dishes), isn’t it better to prefer one that has a pixie cut ?


It takes up less bathroom


When a girl with long hair takes a shower, it takes much longer than one who has short hair to dry her hair . On the other hand, it is also true that drying long hair is a procedure to be carried out with due caution, since excessive use of the hairdryer will ruin them.


Less risk of being discovered with a lover


If your girlfriend is not your ONLY girlfriend, you run serious risks: the lover’s long hair is in fact much more visible inside the car interior, and your official girlfriend it is certain that he will locate them: doesn’t he have a radar hidden behind his eyes?


Less hair in the face


When you are embracing her and you are exchanging some pleasant effusion with her, you are much less likely to end up suffocated by long hair that could end up in face and in mouth.


No hair bands around the house


Hair bands and hair clips are inevitable accessories for all those women who try to collect their hair. By getting engaged to a girl with short hair you will avoid an invasion of questionable hair bands around the house.


She is a better fighter


If he comes to the hands with a potential competitor, he will have an extra gear: the added value determined by not having long hair to pull. Not bad for a possible street fighter!


He looks smarter


Generally women who have short hair also have a more intelligent air. If your woman has short hair and a particularly attractive frame of glasses, she will be more intelligent and irresistibly sexy!


She looks nicer


Especially if women with short hair follow the contemporary trend of leaving the look more casual and messy, they will gain in sympathy. Although, in reality, it is a real viper.


It will seem higher


The short hair exhausts the silhouette of the face and the whole body, removing volume from the hair and allowing you to acquire an impression of greater height and momentum. Or at least, so they say.


When she is naked …


… you will certainly not run the risk that long hair ends up on the breast or in other areas that you would prefer to see discovered!


Cannot cover signs of treason


If he has short hair, will certainly not be able to use long hair to cover any signs of pacifiers on his neck.


It won’t stress you about the hairstyle


If you want to put your hands in her hair and to mess up your hair, will not attempt to kill you for ruining her hairstyle. In a few moments it will be in place again and in order!


A better view


If you are in intimacy and doing a fellatio, you can see what is going on and enjoy the vision.


He can play soccer with you


Do you have the serious problem of a friend who at the last moment gave a flat rate to a five-a-side football? Do not worry, with short hair and a little care you can have your girlfriend exchange with your cousin or your young friend .


It can be a joke


For the same reasons as above, if necessary you can disguise her as a man and draw her a mustache.


You can copy her hairstyle


Do you realize that your girlfriend has a haircut cooler than your ? Don’t worry: it won’t be so difficult to steal her hairstyle (but perhaps avoiding going to the same hairdresser!).


It’s the right one


If the woman with short hair is really doing well, it means that she is the right one: the short hair works as a sort of lens of liking and, therefore, if she is comfortable with this kind of hairstyle, it means it is really beautiful!


And what do you think? Between serious and amused, what are the reasons why you think it would be better to get engaged to a short-haired woman? Or, conversely, why is a woman with long hair better?

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