20 best rear views of short bob cuts!

20 best rear views of short bob cuts!

Have you ever thought about it? In reality, we are all used to seeing, and therefore judging, a haircut from its anterior or, at the limit, lateral and, in the best of cases, anterolateral view. But why, the back is not important? And above all in those cuts that develop characteristics so particular that they characterize the whole cut? That’s why we wanted to give you the 50 best rear views of short and very short cuts.


Let’s face it: in the most modern and most fashionable short and very short cuts, the back of the hairstyle has an importance that until now has always been unknown to us. Since, above all, the undercut took hold (and how much it took hold!) The balance of a cut, especially very short, depends largely on how we make this part. Moreover, let’s not forget that even the neck, like the face, can have different shapes in each of us, and this involves a careful study of whether, how and how much to cover it or uncover it in its back.


It is true that the side that made Bob one of the most famous haircuts in the world is the front one, but it is also true that the back of any cut and certainly also the Bob is equally important and his vision it can lean towards one type of Bob or another or, even, even lean towards the Bob even if you have chosen another type, another style of haircut. Browsing this page you can admire images that represent the rear view of 15 of the best Bob haircuts that are around at the moment and, thanks to the vision of these fifteen images you will be able to realize how many there are ways in which your Bob hairstyle can offer itself to the view of who is behind you, therefore also how important it is for a hairstyle that the back, in addition to being harmonious with the side and front parts, is always yours liking.


In short, in this article we want to claim the right to be able to analyze also the rear views of the short and very short cuts before going to the hairdresser for a change of look so epochal! Mistaken?


Our gallery of rear views of short and very short cuts.


Explained why the importance of the rear views of short and very short cuts, let us also explain the content of our magnificent gallery of images.


Rear bob views.


As you can see (and admire!) The rear views refer to cuts as short as very short, without disdaining the bob (short, of course) which also claims its right to be studied even from behind, before being made . The bob, although not characterized excessively by its rear part, requires a harmony of volumes so that the lateral parts balance with the rear, without excessive volume variations between the three views (right, rear and left).


Rear views of pixie.


The Pixie is another cut whose rear is of fundamental importance: when it is “disheveled”, a little “messy”, in short, in its upper and front parts, it is necessary that it falls within the canons behind, for prevent the disheveled effect from appearing random and unwanted (heck, we created it, not the wind!). An undercut or, at least, a nuance, make it more characteristic and fashionable.


Rear views of “punkeggianti” cuts.


A special mention deserves, then, the “punk nineties” style cuts, with very short back and side and “supernatural” crests and, perhaps, even shock colors. Often, in the back and sides, they are the union of an undercut and two side cuts (sorry for the quarrel, but it was the only way to make us understand). In short, a cut that uses shaving both behind and on both sides. To then explode in an apotheosis of ridges with thorny points upwards (and a little in all directions …). The back is therefore of fundamental importance in joining the two side shaves and in creating, therefore, the right (and exaggerated!) Contrast with the volumes created on the apex of the hairstyle.


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