20 fantastic short hair styles for women who have a round face

20 fantastic short hair styles for women who have a round face


If you are lovers of short haircuts , you should know that – unfortunately – not all short haircuts are suitable enough to enhance a round face [ 19459006]. Of course, this does not mean absolutely you have to give up the pleasure of being able to experiment with a short haircut if you have a round and plump face, but it wants to be an invitation to carefully ponder the choice of best pixie cut for you, certainly the most popular reference for a rounded face, as an alternative to the shorter bob, a really exciting hair style but … strongly detrimental if it is not designed correctly. But what to do, then, if you have a slightly round face and do not want to give up the beauty of one short hairstyle ?


Something to know before starting


First, you must remember that if your face is particularly round , short hair should at least try to cover the ears . And you should also try to create a greater sinuosity of the shapes, making them less rounded and a little harder. A helping hand could give you the styles of hair with vertical forelock, which will provide the artificial image of a lengthening of the figure. The face will appear a little thinner also playing with asymmetries.


Use the “A” lines


As you can also see from the gallery that we have built for you, most of the short hairstyles for a round face are stretched to create an “A” line. In other words, all the bob , the pixies and the graded cuts try to cover the fullness of the round face, creating more elongated figures, and thus drawing a more suitable look to enhance the beauty of a fuller face.


Don’t give up on rounded shapes


In addition to the above, we recall how superficially many people believe that hairstyles with rounded shapes are not suitable for round faces. In fact, if you can add texture to your short bob , by regularly defining the edges, you will be able to reach a truly fantastic, chic and complementary look for your face shape.


In short, from retro to more modern hairstyles, from smooth ones to waves combed back to recreate a more lively short bob, there is no limit to your creativity. Just remember to always keep in mind the characteristic roundness of your face, playing with texture , braids asymmetry , contrasts in length and so on Street.


Try to take a look at the gallery that we have chosen to share with you below, and talk to a good hairdresser: we are sure that together you will be able to find the best solution to your restyling desires!


20 fantastic short hair styles for women who have a round face

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