20 short cuts for women who have straight hair

20 short cuts for women who have straight hair

If you have short and straight hair , you can indulge in selecting your favorite look among the thousands of comfortable alternatives that fashion offers you. As we have repeatedly mentioned on these pages, in fact, the short style is certainly one of the most appreciable trend lines, and we are practically certain that 2016 will bring a lot of satisfaction to those women who choose to approach a similar one search for aesthetics. But what styles to focus on?


Among the most appreciable looks, on which it is perhaps worth focusing, we can only remember the timeless pixies, cuts ranging from very short to short, [19459003 ] able to “feel good” on oval and regular faces, which have no visible defects to hide, and who can therefore use the pixie as a magnifying glass for their charm.


If, on the other hand, you don’t want to dare with an extra short cut like the pixie, you can take a seat on a short cut of great appeal, like the short bob: the short bob, with a clear vintage appeal, has conquered the liking of many women who have chosen to use it to their liking, customizing it from time to time in a short and smooth version, with low lateral lines, medium rigorous. The integration with a beautiful fringe, full and symmetrical, parade, or short, should be considered favorably.


Always remember the need to combine everything with your actual strengths, and the equally necessary preventive assessment phase with your hairdresser, the only professional who will be able to address your contemporary fashion style needs well. For the rest, let’s do it with a nice photogallery: we have selected for you a nice collection of short cuts that we invite you to evaluate and – why not – to ask your reference hairstylist to reply on your head!

































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