20 short hair styles that are easy to adopt and manage!

20 short hair styles that are easy to adopt and manage!

The short hair can be a truly apt choice for all women who want to be able to review their look, and make it even more fashionable and in line with the main trends of the moment. . It is in fact a fundamental step for its overall appearance, and an evolution that will allow you to enter a much richer and diversified world than you can remotely imagine. Are you ready to dive into a series of alternatives that could really be right for you? Let’s find out more by showing you some of the coolest styles of the season, along with a gallery of 50 photo practices!


Pixie with tuft


In the list of the main short hair styles in terms of ease of combing and maintenance, a first mention can certainly not fail in favor of the pixie cut with tuft [19459003 ] , one of the most fashionable trends of this season. Fashions prefer a rather long tuft, which can cover part of the forehead and eyes and, if necessary, can be carried behind the line of the ears: seductive and jaunty at the same time, it is a practical solution and always to be taken into consideration!


Pixie cut with messy effect


Probably the hair style simpler to adopt over the next season: the hair is cut short but not very short, and it is arranged in an apparently random way. The style aims to reward a fake disheveled style, to be produced through the use of a simple paste. The opaque effect seems to prevail over the wet one. Just be careful not to overdo it, as the border between the disheveled and the neglected is very thin, and you should be sufficiently skilled to remain in the first part, and not to flow into the second!


Bob short


How intuitive, and how well you should know if you have been following us for some time, we cannot conclude this study without mentioning at least briefly the bob bob , one of the main hair styles of the last few years and, of course, also one of the reference points for next 2017. The trend has it that the short bob is structured in a slightly asymmetrical way, and that it can count on a beautiful open fringe, or on a nice long tuft, which can be traced back to the ear. In any case, it is a real style pass for guaranteed success!


We conclude our focus today with a beautiful gallery that contains 50 different models to copy! In it we have tried to summarize some of the short hair styles that are easier to obtain and manage, in the hope that they will be a good starting point for your reflections. If you believe that inside the photogallery there may be something that can be right for you, nothing better than memorizing the photo of your dreams and talking about it with your hairdresser, in order to share with him all the best hair style personalization opportunities , and do not be absolutely unprepared when you decide to give us a full-bodied cut!


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