20 short haircuts (but not too many) for your new look!

20 short haircuts (but not too many) for your new look!


Among the many reasons that in recent years have led an increasing number of women to prefer a short and youthful cut to a long or medium cut, there is the possibility of being able to shape their own at will hairstyle. Those who have been following us for some time know well how many times we have dealt with short haircuts, remembering how totally unfounded are those news items that want short hair to be poorly customizable. Instead the opposite is true: short hair can be styled in hundreds of different ways, and from bob to the most extreme pixie cuts, from shaving to ultra-accentuated scaling, we have lost count of the cutting and style techniques that we have had the pleasure to introduce you in recent months.


In fact, pixie cuts are not only good alternatives for those who want to cut their hair, but also – and, perhaps, above all! – a truly formidable option for people who want to maintain a more pronounced length of their hair, while re-proposing the typical features of the pixie.


In short, in the photogallery we want to offer you today you will be truly spoiled for choice.


Try leafing through this wonderful rundown, and realize how easily these medium pixie cuts are easily adaptable. Adaptable not only to different forms of “hair”, but also to different complexions, different features and different age groups: these pixies are indeed formidable not only for younger women, but also for more mature women, who will be able to rediscover a look fresher and more youthful precisely through these medium lengths.


A preponderant part of this photogallery is, of course, attributable to the tufts. The forelock is generally quite extensive (though never too voluminous) and can properly cut out the face, providing a really very dynamic and orderly look (even in the “disheveled fake” versions).


A further step forward in the success of short haircuts is also attributable to the possibility of being able to boast dozens of valid alternatives with the ease of moving a few strands, or of reducing or lengthening some tufts. In short, a real “world” of alternatives that are easily available, within which it will certainly be possible to find your best choice and, consequently, make your look well renewed for a new season that promises to be exciting.


Of course, the photogallery can only be “dominated” by bobs, the true reference point of last year, and the basis for being able to create and model dozens of alternatives on your garment. Available in many different ways, it is certainly no coincidence that the bob has been chosen, in a convinced way, by numerous celebrities who have firmly embraced and satisfied this new “fashion”, enriching it with rather interesting levels of customization.


A significant part of the photogallery is also represented by the pixie cuts, particularly sexy especially for younger people, who through a rather radical reinterpretation of the length of their hair will be able to opt for a fresh and extremely romantic look.


Our advice, even on this occasion, is always the same. Take care to speak with your trusted hairdresser about all the developments you wish to have on your head, and study with him the best solution for your look to scream. Therefore hypothesize at least 2-3 alternatives, and understand which are the best to be able to enhance the strengths of your face and, on the other hand, hide any defects. Once this is done, proceed to the forecast of the best look, also choosing a possible color revision. Once done, break the delay and get ready for the new year with a new cut that can satisfy your feelings even more convinced!


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