20 short haircuts to prepare for September!

20 short haircuts to prepare for September!

Nostalgia of our photogallery? No worries: even today we return to talk about short hair , one of our favorite trends, and one of the most modelable looks for its comfort, for its width and for its ease of customization. Those who have been reading it for a long time know well that today short hair is no longer a single choice for women over 40/50, since it is mainly a youthful and cheeky choice, which however does not lose even a penny of seduction and romance.


In short, today short hair is an alternative to deal with whether you are looking for a chic and glamorous style, or whether you are looking for an easier and more versatile look . In short, a real cut for all occasions, through which you will certainly be able to enjoy a fresh and professional image or, if you prefer, romantic and vintage.


But what are the best cuts to adopt for September? Our choices can only fall as we have had the opportunity to exhibit within our photogallery and … in much more. You will therefore be able to evaluate “wearing” strong scalings or maxi tufts, smooth or wavy hairstyles, minimal or voluminous, with fringe or without fringe, and not only.


Our advice can of course only be to take some ideas from this and other photogalleries and, consequently, try to evaluate whether that particular look could actually be right for you. In other words, what we advise you is to make a little effort of imagination, reflecting on the possibility that that particular style could actually reward your strengths and hide any weaknesses.


Of course, this effort of imagination can only be carried out together with your trusted hairdresser who – in addition to providing you with a very important second opinion – may possibly suggest corrections or small variations, also in progress and, in any case, before that the cut is formally defined.


Having said that, the advice of the hairdresser will certainly also be useful in order to establish a good hair color to match your face: a color that will enhance your complexion, allowing you to reflect what you want to communicate externally with your new hairstyle!





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