20 super sexy short and uncombed hair styles for your new look!

20 super sexy short and uncombed hair styles for your new look!


If for this upcoming spring you wish to be able to show off a hair style that will make you stand out from your friends and colleagues well, forget the long hair, and get ready to embrace the trend of short hair and disheveled , especially on the top of the head, in order to give you a contemporary, casual and, at the same time, extremely sensual look. A look that can be created with particular simplicity, simply distributing a little volumizing mousse and possibly a spray to fix your short and disheveled hair.


The short haircuts , for the female universe, are not only extremely welcome and appreciable, but they are also the best there can be in terms of beauty and attractiveness. In short, short hair, , not only are they no longer a “niche” reserved for women with an older age, but are one of the most preferred choices for young and very young women. It follows that, for several decades, shorter hairstyles have been an unmissable option for all women who are more attentive to fashion and contemporary trends. And you, are you among these?


Short and disheveled, simplicity and charm!


One of the main advantages of the short and disheveled haircut is certainly linked to the possibility of being able to arrange one’s own hair in a few moments, without having to submit to folds and structures of significant complexity. It follows that the short and disheveled haircut can be recreated very easily in a few minutes, perhaps helping you with a little mousse and spray in order to generate a disheveled effect.


Of course, the photographic shots that we are pleased to offer you today will probably not represent the definitive solution to your style doubts. However, we are extremely convinced that they will be a good starting point, stimulating your desire to personalize, mix or draw inspiration . By combining your haircut with a new color, your look will be totally revolutionized, guaranteeing an unexpected and surprising image!


As will be clear from our photogallery, the alternatives to revisit your look are certainly not lacking. You can, for example, show off a short and classic look, with scaling that reaches just above the shoulders, or try to cut your hair with greater incisiveness, however dedicating yourself to leaving a nice fringe on the forehead.


A good alternative will also be to devote yourself to classic short haircuts, above or below the ears: an unmistakable choice of taste, which will allow you to adopt one of the lengths preferred by women who want to find a good compromise. of style, without sacrificing the versatility and flexibility of style.


As if that wasn’t enough, you will also have the opportunity to evaluate a strictly short cut. A refined pixie cut, easy to comb over the days, especially if you adopt the fake disheveled which is now so fashionable among young and old.


If the pixie cut – albeit with different evolutions – have arrived practically unharmed by us, there must be a reason: the pixie cuts are in fact able to immortalize in the collective imagination the impression of a strong and strong woman, who can reaffirm her aestheticity and her determination, without however renouncing to appear chic and sweet. Do you remember Audrey Hepburn on Roman Holiday? Or Twiggy and Mia Farrow? And how can we forget Halle Berry or Anne Hathaway? Here, through the pixie hair … you too will be able to emulate the same charm!


In addition to the undoubted advantage of being able to enhance one’s beauty in an almost unique way, the pixie cut is also a haircut that can be easily adapted according to the type of your face . It follows that women who have a particularly long face will get the best through a short cut that is not too close to the head , while those who have a square face should concentrate greater efforts on upper part of the garment, with locks that will escape from the cut laterally, for a very “in” effect.


What if yours is a nice round face? Nothing better than “fighting it” (so to speak!) With geometry, going to recreate on your head some more rigid lines, like a nice graphic base. We also suggest you to find a nice very short cut laterally , in order to give the impression of raising the cheekbone and, consequently, give a greater volume to your face.


The photogallery that we want to offer you today contains 15 excellent styles of short and disheveled hair , to be experimented immediately to be able to get a super sexy approach , to wear throughout the day. with an enviable seal. If you already have a sufficiently short hair, try experimenting these looks: you will gradually discover how easy it can be to try to shape your hair with these styles, making you forget the long minutes spent in front of the mirror, in a vain attempt to manage your hair , and your rebel tufts.


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