2015 fashion hair color, how to choose the best shade!

2015 fashion hair color, how to choose the best shade!

Many women remain faithful to their hair color over the years, without any variation from the tone originally adopted. Other women instead point to greater dynamism, going to inaugurate particularly bright colors, and frequently varying them according to the evolution of the seasons. But which is the most suitable behavior? And most importantly, how can you choose the best hair color for 2015 fashion?


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Let’s start by remembering that, of course, there is no more correct behavior than others . Many women are so comfortable with their natural color (or perhaps with the tint they have purchased for years), while others periodically rotate their hairstyle and color until they find their presumed “ideal”.


As obvious as it may be, our advice in order to choose the best color is to carefully analyze the face and complexion (make-up removal), eyebrows, eye color, complexion and all aspects. of your face . At what point it will be possible to try to match the dyed joint, following some basic indications.


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For example, the brown colors can be well matched to any type of complexion, although it is the case of to avoid excessively contrasting shots of light . The golden complexion will perfectly marry a light brown or a muted red or a dark coppery blond.


If you want to match the tint based on the color of your eyes , you can pay attention to the fact that generally the color will have to be “accompanied” to the tint. Therefore, if you have blue eyes, turn to light shades, while if you have brown or dark eyes, you can turn to equally dark shades.


For the rest, you just have to “try”. Although the tint we apparently find irresistible cannot always adapt with conviction to our complexion, it is good to remember that the coloring process is certainly not irreversible, and that apart from some discoloration problems, nothing prevents you from retracing your steps.


However, avoid abusing this possibility: excessive applications will run the risk of brittle and excessively stress the hair. Therefore, use particular care in choosing the best shade, and then – eventually – act with a lightening or enrichment to be able to liven it up and direct you towards your ideal .


As trivial as it may be, our advice is also to see photos in glossy fashion magazines, which portray the VIPs of this and other parts of the world struggling with new scary looks. Check what the complexion could be more similar to that found in glossy magazines, and imagine that type of dyed matched on your hair. Study carefully the various alternatives and, finally, proceed to talk about it openly with your trusted hairdresser, who will be able to apply useful examples to get an idea of ​​the final result.


Finally… cross your fingers, because there is always a margin of discrepancy between expectations and reality. If all goes well, you will end up with a perfect color, which you will hardly be able to abandon!

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