21 medium short haircuts with forelock and fringe for a new hairstyle

21 medium short haircuts with forelock and fringe for a new hairstyle

Here we are back with some welcome insights on the tufts, one of the elements of style which we have pleasantly focused on in recent months, and which we have identified as one of the potential must-haves currently.


A return that we have accompanied with another beautiful photogallery that we have chosen to extract for your orientation needs in this sector, and that we are sure it can represent a nice launching pad for identifying your new hairstyle!


In any case, as several other times we wanted to indicate, the tuft is still an element to be weighed with great attention , seen and considered that if on the one hand it can being able to properly enhance your beauty, guaranteeing truly exceptional peculiarities, on the other hand it may also be able to play a counterproductive role, perhaps increasing volumes where they are not needed, or making the gaze of “concentrate” those who observe us in an unwelcome area of ​​the face.


In order to achieve an excellent result without fatigue and without accidents, you should know the starting point in depth: try to make a careful analysis of what are the main specificities of your face, and to identify how a tuft can actually enhance your beauty. So try to think of the tuft as a real added value of your face , useful not only to be able to concentrate efforts on some valuable points.


As you will realize from this photogallery, there are many alternatives available to you, and our series of shots today represents only a small starting point for the enjoyment of a hair renewal. Whether it’s a sensual choice or a more casual one, little changes: in the next few days we advise you to plan the renewal and restyling of your hair, in order to arrive at the end of the year with a well-defined look that can also accompany you over the next few weeks. As you can guess, what we advise you to evaluate is – as we have often reported – a helmet , a pixie or other very short cut, [19459003 ] will allow your face to obtain even greater visibility, and that therefore any defects could be the subject of greater attention by the beholder. The above does not mean, of course, that you should abandon any type of development of modern short haircut : it means instead that it is very important to study with a good hairdresser the best short haircut, in order to get to the definition of the most appropriate look, and more loaded with added values.


Time for fringing!


The most loved fringe of the moment is certainly the most classic , with a fairly large element able to cover the whole forehead. As you can well imagine, it is an accessory that, thus formed, will allow you to emphasize the power of your gaze, and will also be able to adapt easily to any face shape, rewarding especially those with a round face .


On the other hand, as all fashion addicts well know, the fringe was born mainly to make your face more sinuous and sweet, softening the sharp cheekbones, especially opting for a central cut of the bangs with the side tufts that are left a little longer.


Fringe with wavy hair


If instead you have wavy hair , our advice is to bring a fringe fairly long , which can touch the lashes ], leaving a few holes open on the forehead and thus giving a sense of greater lightness.


Fringe with fine hair


For the fine hair , nothing better than choosing a bangs worn on the side, filling the forehead but without giving volume. You can also try to marry the idea of ​​placing a few tufts placed on the side, ideal to use as a real fringe.


Fringe with short hair


In the last few months the fringe with short hair has been adopted in a more reduced and geometric way. A bang that aims to widen the face, and which should of course be considered with the need to find the connotation of a good oval.


If in fact you have the high forehead , it might be advisable to try to focus on a long fringe and paraded on the sides. If you have a square face, an easily adaptable bang is the wide and rounded one, in the 60s style.


In short, as you have seen in the preceding lines, and as you will be able to see in the following, there are numerous ways you can follow in order to arrange your bangs and, consequently, there are really many styles and the hairstyles that you could customize thanks to this simple accessory.


Our advice – if you have never tried to have a nice bangs – is to take this moment of the year in order to try a new haircut that can rest mainly on the “new” bangs.













































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