24 super trendy pixie cuts for the winter!

24 super trendy pixie cuts for the winter!

One of the great advantages of the pixie cut – and probably the benefit that we like most to underline! – is their extraordinary simplicity of style and maintenance. The pixie haircut are in fact settable, day after day, in a few minutes. And considering that one of the modern trends is to prefer a messy and jaunty effect, the result can only be the possibility of being able to show off a very effective hair style in a few moments, every morning! But how can your pixie be arranged in the best way? What are the trends that are becoming more popular in recent months?


One of the main trends of winter is certainly represented by the undercut pixie , which – moreover – we talked about in his time. It is in fact an extremely satisfying hair style, which plays on the contrast between the shaving and the short hair . A cut certainly with a great personality, which you will have the opportunity to arrange with straight hair or – even better – with short hair. You can also play with a contrast not only of volumes, but also of colors, dedicating a different tone to the shaved part compared to the rest of the hair.


Short and wavy


Short wavy hair is definitely one of the top trends of the coming months. Although nothing prevents you from showing off a nice pixie even with very smooth hair , it is with the wavy that it seems that the best results can be obtained. Probably the merit is of the messy effect of which we spoke before: having curly or slightly wavy hair will allow you to play with locks and tufts in a more natural way, recreating the cheeky result that – we are sure – it will drive you and all the people who look at you crazy.


Bowl cut


One of the short hair styles that has been “rediscovered” with greater pleasure in recent months is the bowl cut. Dusted off from past decades, after a long abandonment by many hairstylists, it is a cut that could give you a new more youthful and chic appearance. Then if you combine the bowl cut with the possibility of reviving even your color, the most revolutionary result will be easily achieved.


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