25 bob haircut cuts for your summer!

25 bob haircut cuts for your summer!

We return today to deal with the bobs, deepening the “knowledge” with 25 excellent blunt bobsled cuts that you could choose to wear during the summer or next autumn, giving a new style and a new rationality to one’s hair. The short hair combed with a nice bob can also be considered an excellent alternative to try to style your hair in a sensual and alternative way, not only trying to get around any rigor traditional, but also trying to recreate on themselves a particularly seductive and easily customizable look, which can be used with identical effectiveness both in leisure time and in the office!


It is quite understandable, in fact, how the influence of all the most famous women on less famous women was fundamental. So much so that, today, the popularity of long bob has never been so high : from the asymmetrical and the more nuanced bob, there is no hairstyle that cannot be replicated with optimism and with a result of great refinement!


Of course, if you also intend to embrace a nice long bob, it is good to consider that there is no single reference model : from the classic bob to the asymmetrical bob, from the bob blunt to the “layered” bob, passing through the inverted bob and many other models, we can only remember how the list of long bob is practically infinite, and that it can be a useful fan to be able to identify the right look for you and for your beauty needs. The bob is also a unique element for the pink look. It is a hair style that can communicate freedom, independence, determination, the ability to assert oneself and to assert one’s thoughts. A style for a modern woman who does not despise the reference to the past, but never forgets how important it is to try to wink at modernity and the future.


Having underlined the above, we can only invite you to take a good look at the photogallery that even today we have had the opportunity to illustrate.


A photogallery that will allow you to get some particularly interesting ideas on which to “work”, and which may be able to constitute fundamental launching bases for sharing the final result, with your hairdresser. As far as colors and coloring or bleaching techniques are concerned, even in this case you will be spoiled for choice: the range of tones to be embraced is almost infinite, and you can only evaluate it together with your trusted hairdresser , trying to identify the color, the nuance and the technique that can give you the greatest satisfaction based on the color of your complexion, eyes and other visual elements.


As obvious as it is, on this occasion too we cannot fail to remember how your choice for a more or less long blunt bob should be carefully calibrated with the characteristics of your face and body. Therefore, if you have come to the conclusion to review your look with a new bob, try to ponder it – perhaps, having your trusted hairdresser help you – going to enhance the strengths of your face, and maybe trying to hide some small flaw aesthetic that would be the case not to enhance through a bob.


So, proportionate the length and width of the crown on you, and more will be done. As for the main style tips, the hairstylists agree that in the case of very round faces, it would be good to avoid a very voluminous bob on the sides, in order to avoid the risk of flattening the figure. Better instead to opt for a particularly scaled and elongated bob, which can streamline the same. In any case, talk about it clearly with your most trusted hairdresser: we are sure that by sharing your wishes and – also – your worries, the result will be extraordinarily accurate and reassuring …


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