25 excellent colors for your short hair

25 excellent colors for your short hair

They are far – far away! – the days when women had to choose from a few alternatives with which to color their hair . Nowadays, thanks to the customs clearance induced by contemporary fashion, there is practically no tone that you cannot happily experiment on your head, with the consequence of making your hair “unique” and widely customizable. But what are some of the best choices you could make in this period? Let us find out a little more, and discover 37 excellent colors with which to enhance your short hair.


Do you like red?


A good starting point is certainly the red , in the various shades (from mahogany to cherry!). the result will in any case be very attractive and extremely “marriageable” on the basis of a long series of complexions (from the lightest to the darkest ones). What you need to do is try to understand which is the best shade based on your visual evidence. The rest will come by itself, and your bob (or any other short haircut you have chosen) will certainly be infinitely grateful!


Blond or brown? Or blond and brown?


If you want to give your look a more decisive and aggressive attitude, you can marry the particular idea of ​​combining a blond and a brown inside the same canopy. The result will certainly be very impressive … but be careful not to overdo the contrasts and, above all, limit one or the other tone to a small part of the lengths (otherwise, the risk will be to look like a sort of cartoon! ). Again, get advice from your hairdresser before making him take up scissors and dyes!


A cut of personality!


One thing is certain for the summer: the short female haircut must be suitable for a daring woman who wants to reinterpret her figure through a new look that on the one hand can squeeze the keep an eye on the typical fun of the summer, but on the other hand, you must not forget your authenticity.


Among the main variants of the already mentioned bob , a mention must certainly be attributed to the shag version, paraded and disheveled. A dynamic hairstyle, which starting from the classic bob (or lob, if you like the less short version) can maintain the original geometry, while contemplating an extra cheeky touch: the locks are paraded, the volume is more harmonious and, above all, , lighter. In short, a haircut that takes inspiration from the sixties, with multiscalature and soft volumes that are equally distributed, from the center of the head to the neck. An ad hoc fixing product can guarantee you an amazing hairstyle!


Eye to the pixie


Still, never forget the possibility of resorting to the pixie cut , among the hair style queens in recent months and, probably, also a reference point also during this summer. The pixie haircut will have a slight punk inspiration, with disheveled tuft , fringe mini , locks moves moves , any shaving . However, the cut will still be very feminine and careful to enhance the typical beauty and femininity of a regular face. In any case, never be afraid to dare. Take courage with your hands and, together with your hairdresser, try to understand what the best solution can be for you.


Pastel mon amour?


Finally, also think about the fascinating possibility of using one of the many pastel shades that over the years we have had the opportunity to appreciate, “cradling” their explosion, then collimated with the extraordinary maturation of the past seasons. From blue to green, from pink to fuchsia, you can certainly draw fully from some of the trends that are becoming more popular. Try to get the necessary enhancement, even by limiting the coloring to a simple lock: it will be a great appreciation habit, which you could raise to an indisputable style accessory in your new haristyle!



















































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