25 haircuts dedicated to all women who love short hair

25 haircuts dedicated to all women who love short hair

Another day, and another appointment with our inevitable photogallery dedicated to all women who love short hair and want to experiment with new cuts that allow you to wear extraordinarily charming hair, and able to conquer a growing attention among friends, colleagues and relatives: the short haircuts we want to offer you today are also a selection of the best you can find around. But how to orient yourself?


The starting point: your face


As should be clear to all readers who have been following us for some time, the starting point for any “exploration” within the short hair sector can only be represented by the need to look carefully at your face and try to find out what its secrets are. Be a little severe with yourself: are there any strengths you want to enhance? Do you have any flaws that could be hidden with a nice look? It’s time to reveal it!


Short hair, spoiled for choice


Secondly, you will have to try to find your way in the mare magnum of the various short haircuts that all women today have available for their beauty needs. It is a collection of styles and declinations that knows practically no limits, and which therefore will be able to meet both the most daring people, who perhaps prefer the most extreme short cuts, such as pixies with evident shaves, and women who are looking for instead a more sober but no less fascinating look. Try to understand what it could do for you, also by thinking about the context in which you will have to use this hair style.


Personalization is an obligation!


The last step is to customize your hairstyles. Each person is – fortunately – different from the others. Which means, in other words, not to flatten against a single trend, or to copy some looks that you have seen photographed on these pages, but to “try” to think about how you can represent the same look for the better, lowered on the your boss. Often a few millimeters longer (or less), a more accentuated volume, a sharper scale, can make the difference. As always, we conclude by leaving you with our photo gallery today. You will find many short hair models that you can wear immediately, to meet your needs for revolution in contemporary hair style. Look at them avidly, try to understand what could be really better for your needs, and always let us know how it went to your hairdresser!



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