25 ideas for those with curly hair: let's take a look at modern styling!

25 ideas for those with curly hair: let's take a look at modern styling!


The curly hair is definitely one of the styles that is going for more. The, in this sense, should be a valid extension of all the benefits we have already seen expressed on this way of arranging their hair, allowing women who have anticipated the trend (or even before) to act as real forerunners between friends and colleagues.


Some advice for having short curly hair at the top!


In the first place, it is always advisable to avoid making your own head and, on the other hand, to contact a good hairdresser expert in the treatment of curly hair, who can advise you on what to do. In fact, it is important to find the right solution between volumes, lengths and colors, and you don’t always have the objectivity and experience to do it yourself. So it’s better to put your ego aside, and share your ideas with a good hair stylist.


Only ad hoc products!


Secondly, always remember that you only need to buy the best products for curly hair care . Therefore, spend the right amount to be able to purchase a suitable shampoo, paying particular attention to the type of scalp for the choice of this product. The same applies to the conditioner, which must be purchased to measure, knowing the nature of the hair (thick, thin, frizzy, oily).


More tips for perfect styling!


Having said that, the advice to get to a truly sensational styling certainly did not end here. We remind you, for example, that in order to remove the knots on the curly hair, the good rule is to brush them with your fingers, and not with the combs that have too thin teeth. In addition, it is good to start brushing with your fingers only when wet, and after applying the conditioner.


In order to eliminate the hated frizz effect , it is good to proceed with periodic packs (for example, with argan oil), to be left on for one hour, and then rinse thoroughly. We also point out that a convenient method to dry the hair, avoiding the creation of the equally hated flat effect, is to keep a turban on your head for about 20 minutes: in this way, you will eliminate all excess water, allowing a easy and natural hair drying.


During the drying phase, it is also advisable to limit the use of the hairdryer as far as possible. Better to limit yourself to what is strictly necessary, without exaggerating with temperatures and with too much proximity to the hair (always always use the diffuser). During the fold, avoid touching them, brushing them or sticking your fingers, as you will ruin the natural shape of the curls.


New fashions for curly hair


As intuitive as it may be, curly hair are by no means exclusive to extra long hair, quite the contrary. Even the shorter curly hair will be able to benefit from the fashions being trained: in addition to being the lengths particularly loved by stars around the world, they also represent a key trend for the coming months for young and less women young people who want to assert their personality with a very short, dynamic, moving cut.


And if we don’t have the possibility of naturally having a curly hair? Don’t worry: even in this case there are some essential accessories on the market to give yourself the favorite curls . For example, we can opt for one of the new curling irons that have entered the market, practical, easy to use, with an athermic handle and above all able to customize the final result based on our preferences. Then there are other more traditional methods, albeit revised in excellent modern: the self-heating curlers offer a perfect look, even with a simple home application.


The above advice could of course go on very long. We have deliberately left out – we will talk about it with a dedicated study – the importance of using the various combing techniques in order to be able to style curly hair in the ideal way , or the importance that for styling they can have accessories for this kind of hair (just think of the bobby pins!).


We dedicate the final space of our study to our usual photogallery. In fact, we had the pleasure of identifying for you 25 styles of curly hair that we believe are readily available on your head, and whether you have naturally curly hair or whether you need to get to the much desired curly through a help external. Then always remember our initial advice: always talk about your style needs with the hairdresser, the only professional who will be able to guide you without delay and risks towards achieving an excellent final result!


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