25 new super stylish short haircuts for your new look!

25 new super stylish short haircuts for your new look!

Still today we return to take care of short hair, a length among the maximum protagonists on our site, and one of the styles on which surely – during the recent summer – we have concentrated the most attention and greater efforts to guarantee you the best photo galleries in the world every day!


In this regard, and always with reference to our photogallery, we are pleased to present you the new very elegant short hair trends , which we bet could represent a priority choice during the next season for all those women who have the will to shorten their cuts, re-proposing themselves with a style to be personalized!


Several times on our site we have dealt with this kind of style, and several times we have also focused on the many advantages that a beautiful short and wavy hair can provide to women who wish to show off their beauty through this kind of hairstyle. . On the other hand, wavy and short hair is very romantic and sexy, but at the same time never able to give a negative or disordered, or excessively eccentric, impression of the woman who “wears” them. So, this is a very appreciable style pass, which we have been trying to support for some time and which today we want to share further with you through this wonderful series of shots.



As we have repeatedly repeated in these pages, through short and wavy hair it is possible to try to better appreciate one’s own strengths in a simple and effective way. The wavy can in fact favor the exaltation of one’s beauty points, and be complicit in hiding those of weakness. For example, to widen the face of women who have a particularly long face, it will be sufficient to let the hair grow a few centimeters more than the traditional short, and to widen the impression through lateral volumes, or a nice dynamic tuft that focuses the attention on the height of the cheekbones.


As far as colors are concerned, you can only leave room for your imagination. The shades that can in fact go “well” for short and wavy hair are practically infinite, and the fact that the length is not particularly extended will not naturally stop you from showing off colors and discolorations that can strengthen further your appeal.


Practical, very versatile, extremely flexible cuts that you will be able to wear in a personal and attractive way. In this regard, by browsing our photo gallery you will immediately realize how easy it can be to try to model short hair on you stars , gaining a unique and unforgettable style, and therefore being able to fully satisfy your beauty needs, starting from the hair!


Several times on our site we talked about the many advantages of short hair , and the reasons that should lead you to bet on these extensions in the near future. It is in fact a length that can guarantee you endless ideas of customization, being able to revolutionize your appearance in a few seconds thanks to some little foresight or perhaps thanks to the help of some specific accessory!


With these premises, we are therefore pleased to present you some shots that will show you how difficult it will be to try to prefer a short haircut over another. A photogallery that will therefore allow you to understand how versatile the cuts of short hair are and how wide your choice will be when you go to select your most popular cut!


There are so many solutions, and all our fashion-conscious readers know well that with short hair it is possible to re-propose an updated look every day, riding on the best trends of the near future. Short hair can in fact be easily customized in hundreds of different ways, declining easily and immediately on the basis of any type of face and color.


So, go ahead for short hair and wavy (more or less slightly) of all shades, from platinum blonde to raven black, naturally going through the intermediate shades and coloring / bleaching techniques that you will appreciate more.


As we have mentioned many times on these pages, the real style secret to be able to get a nice short haircut , can only be a perfect sharing of intent with your hairdresser. In fact, if the hairstylist understands well what will be best for you, we are sure that your hairstyle will not only be very convincing, but also lasting over time. On the other hand, in the event of an error or failure to see the whole, it is possible that your destiny is to have to resort to further intervention.


However, having established the above, it is also good to remember that it is always possible to do something in order to prolong the effectiveness of our style. For example, using ad hoc products after washing the hair . If you want wavy hair, such as those featured in our photo gallery today, you can simply avoid straightening it, trying instead to enjoy a light and delicate foam that will allow you to tame the curls, making them more or less dynamic depending on the your preferences.


From the smooth bob climbed to the pixie cut, from the extreme cuts to the more “rational” ones and perhaps most usable in any context, you will be spoiled for choice in identifying the cut made especially for you. We therefore advise you to consult this and other galleries of shots reserved for you, and understand what the cuts can be that can be easily adapted to your garment, your features and your style needs.



















































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