25 short blonde haircuts: all the trends for the summer

25 short blonde haircuts: all the trends for the summer

Are you thinking about how to style your hair for this summer in an original way and daring a little? Well: here you will find thirty wonderful cuts of blonde hair short that will be the must for this fiery summer now upon us!


Short blonde hair: the trend for summer


When we talk about hair we are always looking for the most “trendy” style, the trendiest, something we can imitate and that makes us be the center of attention throughout the season. Now that the “ change of season ” (yes, there is also a change of season for hairstyles!), We will tell you about the latest trend in summer hairstyles this year: short blonde hair (and shiny!)


Short blond hair: for everyone? Well, maybe yes!


Not all women feel comfortable with a short cut, perhaps out of fear that it limits their female appearance, so not many have the courage to show it off. But summer is just the right season to “dare” a little, even for the most reluctant. And, since the trend for the hair of this fiery summer will be short hair (short blond hair, to be precise!), Then the advice is: dare, dare, dare! So much your beauty and your femininity will all come out even with short hair , indeed, in some cases they will be exalted!


Short blond hair: let’s talk about bob.


How not to start talking about the bob, one of the most used hair styles when it comes to short blonde hair? It is also one of the most popular cuts among international stars, also advertised by stylists and their models!
Let’s personalize it, if we want, with the position of the line: in the center if we have an oval face whose elegance we want to underline, on the side and with a nice voluminous tuft if we want it to be our gaze to be highlighted well, with our facial features clearly visible.


And the fringe? Ok for you too!


Even the bangs will be a real hit this summer, and will go well on our short blonde hair. It can be “set” in the manner of a side tuft , even long, and thus will transform our hairstyle into a “bon ton” type hairstyle, so much, but so chic. If you want to add a touch of originality and you like to be a little glam, you could try to pour the tuft (or bangs) backwards, and fix it with the use of bobby pins and, why not, even lacquer.


The bob for your short blonde hair.


The helmet , a particular variant of the bob, will find new life and great success this summer. A cut of great “energy” and its “grit” can be softened , if desired, with tufts on the side or with fringes even, so that it becomes a a little more chic and above all, playing a little with these different styles, it can be perfectly combined with any type and shape of face to make it brighter and more harmonious.


Short blonde hair: our gallery.


The trendy hairstyles for this crazy summer that awaits us, to be made with short blond hair are really many, we have been able to describe just a few, which certainly will be a must on the beaches and places of vacation more “in”, but take a closer look at our gallery, below, and connect again with us: soon many other summer hairstyles to better enjoy the holidays!



















































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