25 short cuts to rejuvenate, here are the best proposals for autumn 2018

25 short cuts to rejuvenate, here are the best proposals for autumn 2018

Autumn 2018 is approaching, and even if there is still a lot before the end of summer, it certainly does not harm trying to plan for the next few months a nice change of haircut [ 19459005], perhaps drawing on one of the many styles that – resting on short hair – promise to rejuvenate you. So, considering that short hair will be very fashionable, and considering that there are really dozens of excellent alternatives to renew your look, showing a few years less, why not focus a little on the results that can be obtained turning to your trusted hairdresser with conviction?


How to demonstrate fewer years with short hair


The short hair can actually allow you to prove fewer years than your ID card, but you will still need some caution. In particular, so that short hair can allow you to actually show fewer years, you should try to focus on very fresh cuts, with precise scissors, able to give you balanced and trendy hair. As a detail, woe to underestimate the importance of the tuft or the fringe, which can give you a touch of truly enviable additional personality.


Forelock or fringe?


So if you are at a crossroads and you don’t know whether to embrace a tuft with more conviction than a fringe, you are already well underway. Forelock and fringe are in fact two important characteristics for a modern look, and will be customized according to the needs of each woman. The tuft must be well drawn out, with the shorter part reaching the height of the eyebrow, while the longer part must reach the cheekbone. If instead you opt for a nice fringe, for the next season it may be appropriate to focus on the longest and fullest, or the gringe. Instead, avoid the net one, which will have to be replaced – underline many hairstylists – by the more voluminous one.


Pixie cut and not only


Of course, among the various short hair cuts that you will be able to get from your reference beauty salon in order to embellish and rejuvenate your look, the pixie cut are definitely the start point. The pixies can be adopted parade or scaled, perhaps creating a stepped dynamism, particularly youthful. Try to embrace with conviction a versatile look, which leaves you the margins to be able to create always different hairstyles, playing with a few locks and a few tufts to mess or comb.


Another important cut to be able to rejuvenate is the short bob, to be chosen in the version that slightly touches the chin, without going further. Try to play, even in this case, with scaling and slipping, with the length of the hair that will become extended hand in the back, creating a three-dimensional sensation.


We leave you now to a beautiful gallery of short haircuts, pixie cuts and more, which will allow you to get the most out of every restyling occasion. Try to give due attention to the shots you find below, and let us know if there is really something that can give you the right satisfaction! And what do you think? How do you plan on arranging the best hair style in an autumn perspective?



















































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