25 short hair styles for an irresistible look

25 short hair styles for an irresistible look

Here we are again with a new appointment with the short haircuts , a style that can be easily used to be able to recreate a jaunty and youthful, sensual, romantic look, refined, sober and easily customizable for everyday life for special occasions!


Just in relation to this ease, we can certainly remember how a good part of short haircuts are simple enough to recreate at home, giving you optimal final results, even without having to resort to the care of your hairdresser. It will be sufficient to model a side or front tuft, modify the volumes, use some rather pleasant accessories, and the game will be done.


Of course, if you don’t want to exaggerate with very short hair, and therefore prefer to slightly lengthen your hair, nothing prevents you from approaching bob with satisfaction: helmets are in fact one of the styles most appreciated by women all over the world, who have been able to get the best out of this type of hair fashion.


Among the most popular and appreciated short haircuts , we also underline the one that provides a long side tuft , which can cover a part of the forehead, eye and cheeks . A very versatile hairstyle, easy to recreate, every day, with a few strokes of a comb.


Of course, if you want to get an even more cheeky and youthful look, you can approach a nice dynamic pixie cut, with fake tufts to create a falsely disheveled mood: a touch of creativity that will make you appear even more creative and personality!


However, if you want to know even more about short haircuts (indeed, very short!) And therefore you want to have a greater choice to be able to prepare properly for the next month of November, we are at your disposal with a new photogallery and some useful ideas to optimize your hair fashion!


In this regard, at the bottom of the page you will find 25 very elegant and sober short haircuts , which we bet may represent a truly fundamental choice for the next season, for all young and old women who wish being able to shorten your hair, re-proposing yourself with a completely new style and, of course, to customize it based on your style characteristics!


Very short haircuts – such as those that you will be able to see at the end of the page – are also perfect for being able to be personalized in a flexible and versatile way, allowing you to wear them in an attractive, seductive but never above lines. And leafing through the shots that we have had the opportunity to select for you, you will also realize how easy and simple it can be to try to delineate on you these ways of styling your hair , conquering as soon as possible one unique and unforgettable style, whose image will make you indelible throughout the fall / winter!


With this introduction, we can only refer you to our photogallery today, thus presenting you with some photos that could serve as further demonstration of how effective it may be to prefer a short haircut over a medium cut or a long cut. . Therefore, take a look at the photogallery, and try to identify one or more shots that can actually be right for you: popular cuts that you will still have the foresight to customize – perhaps with the help of a good hairdresser – and drop appropriately on yourself.


The bob, still him!


The bob is a sort of fixed presence in our insights, and it certainly could not miss in this focus on the disheveled trend. It is not a real obsession, but it is only a proof of the facts: the bob is in fact by far the cut that can best meet the style needs of more or less young women, and we are sure that in your If it is not so difficult to find the helmet, short, medium or long, which can best meet your look needs. So why not give in to the temptation to bet on a nice bob?


Cheeky effect


Just the bob seems to be one of the ideal candidates to be able to submit to the pleasant respect of one of the most current trends: to embrace with carefree a style of tousled hair and cheeky, who can not only make you appreciate as a woman who follows contemporary trends, but also save you several minutes with your morning hairstyles. How many times have you wasted time in front of the mirror trying to keep a rebellious tuft at bay? Well, without prejudice to the exaggerations, from now on that very tuft could represent the most pleasant habit of your look!


Leafing through the photogallery you will realize how wide the alternatives can be at hand. And as we have had the opportunity to affirm and remember on these pages several times, just a little self-analysis on yourself is enough to be able to identify the best look of the moment, placing it on your figure in a synergistic and linear way!


From extremely short to medium-short cuts, we are sure that there will be satisfactions for all women who choose to shorten their hairstyle by a few centimeters, giving themselves a look that can actually be able to enhance their points of beauty and, if any, help to conceal one’s weaknesses.


So talk to your hairdresser of greater trust, and don’t forget to carefully consult this new photo gallery that we have been able to develop for you!



















































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