25 short haircuts for your new style choices!

25 short haircuts for your new style choices!

Here we are also back today with some careful choice for those who have medium or long hair and want to give us a cut, or already have short hair but want to evaluate some change of style in their hairstyle.


The occasion is naturally very welcome for us to show off a new rather extensive photogallery , in which you will see over 25 short haircuts that you could consider for a hairstyle autumn that will leave everyone stunned!


Whatever your decision, we cannot fail to remember how the last few years have brought about an excellent return of the sex appeal of short hair. A return that is probably also pushed to maximum power, thus guaranteeing a success that they have never known, even in the “golden” years, to the less extended lengths.


It is, moreover, sufficient to provide a quick look at fashion magazines or websites specializing in hairstyles like ours, to realize how popular these cuts are , also and above all by women more young people, who until not too long ago were considered as “very far” from the possibility of successfully showing off these looks.


And instead – and today’s photo gallery is easy to demonstrate – short or very short hair is extremely popular, and can give people who are lucky enough to be able to wear it with the right level of personalization and creativity. It will be sufficient to identify your favorite style and your reference tone, to be able to “turn” quickly with the past, thus proceeding to an extremely pleasant review of your hair.


And what do you think? Have you ever made the transition to short? How did you find yourself? Is there any advice you want to give to your “colleagues”?





















































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