25 short haircuts to get ready for spring!

25 short haircuts to get ready for spring!

Do you want to arrive prepared for spring? Well, we are here to help your goal! In today’s photogallery we have the pleasure of submitting 55 hairstyles for short hair that you could wear during the next season: you can therefore take advantage of these bad season weeks to try to get better prepared for the next sunny months, aiming for a winter review of your look and a renewal of your style, in line with the arrival of the most beautiful time of the year!


On the other hand, all the girls and ladies who follow us know well what we think: if you really want to renew your look, choosing a cut that will be able to enhance your face and neck well, short hair is definitely what is right for you. The short hair will in fact give you a fresh and youthful look , without losing even a hundredth of potential in elegance and lightness, and thus ensuring an extra gear in the course of a year that has just begun , and who will be able to see you protagonists thanks to the choice of a particularly apt hair style!


To encourage your new exercise in style, we offer you a nice photo gallery where you can try to get the best look, to be declined on your garment with some simple tricks that will allow you to appear more and more fashionable, but sufficiently cheeky, through a look that can be good both for everyday life and for special occasions.


However obvious, before approaching short hair in a convinced way, do a very small examination of conscience. Although it is a truly formidable style, even short hair needs great attention in the care. Indeed, if possible, of even greater attention, as they will be demanding on the front of the cuts and touch-ups, causing you to take you to the hairdresser more frequently than you can do for medium or long cuts.


Women who choose a short or medium bob will be able to devote themselves more to the tufts or fringes, with scaling and innovative effects on the face, which will give touches of sure sensuality to the same hairstyle. As far as the colors are concerned, it seems that spring2018 may bring some breath of fresh air compared to the recent past: therefore go ahead for full colors such as brown, blond, red, black. Less popular will be the nuances and the middle ground, which instead had achieved great success last year .


Going back to the short film, we cannot fail to remember how, despite the autumn / winter has seen full-length hair, during 2018 the pixie and boyish cuts should have the best. However, be careful to moderate the use of scissors: if in doubt, in order not to contrast fashions, it is better to focus on a medium short, such as a bob or a helmet, which will also allow you to show off more natural. The disheveled finish should be your priority for the coming weeks.


Still on the subject of helmet, keep in mind that many stylists have proposed it particularly shortened (at least to the cheekbones) with a lateral forelock and a little longer . And, speaking of long, remember naturally how they can be the undisputed protagonists also for spring, especially if declined appropriately with clear references to the seventies: carrying them over the shoulders, wavy and fluffy, will guarantee us a sure success.


And, considering that you will certainly want to combine a fashion color with a long cut, why not focus on the colors that can give a warm light? Honey, caramel, blond or red can guarantee immediate satisfaction in the coming months.


Having established the above, we invite you to look at our photogallery to get an idea of ​​the potential styles that can be recreated on your hair. Once you have selected some potential cut to apply on your head, try to talk about it with your hairdresser in order to understand if it can actually be right for you , or if – on the other hand – it is better to look to direct their preferences towards other styles. The result will certainly be extraordinary!



















































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