25 short pixie cuts for a hot summer.

25 short pixie cuts for a hot summer.

Today as today there is no nature of hair that cannot be ideal for a nice short cut pixie. And, above all, many models, singers, actresses and stars of all kinds are adopting him in view of this fiery August. If you also want to show off a very personal pixie cut , browse our roundup of short pixie cuts to make your head spin on the beaches, in the most popular places, clubs and discos in this August that promises to be of fire !


Short pixie cuts for a fiery August!


The catwalks, the international red carpets have joined the long cuts, which will also be the most popular this summer, the pixie short cuts among the favorites by the stars who populate them.


What are pixie short cuts?


The word “pixie” means, in our language, “pixie”. And what other hairstyle remembers the hair of a nice guy so closely, how cheeky and, at times, a little impertinent goblin? A short hair, with some slightly rebellious tufts and some slightly fluttering bangs … Here, this is the pixie cut and don’t think it’s a recent discovery, these short pixie cuts have been brought to the fore for decades now by some very popular actresses, such as, for example, Mia Farrow (ex-wife of Woody Allen).


Who are short pixie cuts good for?


Thanks to the variety of variations possible with these short pixie cuts, there is no limitation for the type of face, let’s just say that, since it is a slightly “masculinizing” cut, it is good not to be already very “decisive” in the features for wear this hairstyle. Unless you decide to amaze in that sense as, for example, the famous black singer Grace Jones did.


The round face “with” pixie cut treads, on the body of Ginnifer Goodwin , the catwalks all over the world, as well as also Michelle Williams . But even the slender, oval, elongated face of Emma Watson has trodden thousands of red carpets with the pixie cut, and, above all, with equal success! So don’t worry: choose among our 27 magnificent examples of short cuts pix i and the one that best suits your face and your personality and … you fly from your hairdresser to make it look identical or … with a pinch of originality all yours!



















































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