25 style proposals for seductive short hair!

25 style proposals for seductive short hair!

25 style proposals for seductive short hair!


Could we have spent the day today without going into depth on short and super short hair? Of course not, and here is our interesting proposal for a new photo gallery with 25 style proposals for seductive short hair, in order to guarantee a look that is always fashionable, versatile, captivating and – in fact – ultra seductive! But how do you do it? And what are the trends that will be the most popular in the coming weeks?


A first smattering on the styles that will be able to represent the top you can have it by seeing the series of shots that we have selected for you. Shots that will make you understand not only that pixie cuts are anything but “tomboy” cuts (in the literal sense of the term, at least), but also that short hair can be customized and declined in hundreds of different ways and therefore, they can adapt well to any type of hair or face.


Of course, the above should not even represent an unconditional green light to your style needs! The pixie cut and, in general, all short haircuts , in fact, must be modeled very carefully, seen and considered that they act as a magnifying glass on your strengths (and weaknesses!), and much more than long hair does.


Therefore, once you have taken a thorough look at our gallery, we can only reiterate the advice that we have been highlighting on many occasions for several months: try to think carefully about every single shot, evaluating whether or not it can do actually to your case. If so, before giving us a cut (in every sense!) It is good to hear one or more opinions of “experts”: your hairdresser in this sense should represent the best consultant to be able to get to the right state of external beauty.


As far as we know in the main beauty salons, even in November the owner made the fringes and maxi tufts, useful to be able to appreciate even more significantly the short haircuts for this season . Of course, both different approaches can be easily declined in different variations, thus being able to satisfy your every need for change, and riding on what could be your main aesthetic strengths.


Among the trends being consolidated there is certainly no shortage of man-like styling hairstyles, with hair that is brought to the back of the neck, and are adequately fixed through the use of a comb and products readily available on the market. Green light, moreover, to your creativity as regards the volumes and the play of color, which you will use with more or less decisive contrasts, in order to give a feeling of greater movement to the whole figure.


Attention, also, to the make up to match the look. Remember, in fact, that short hair enhances your face more than a more opaque long hair. And that therefore you should put a little extra caution in the dedication you place daily to make-up, and especially to that of the eye area.


Therefore, lend a little additional specificity to this aspect and, of course, talk to a good consultant to really get the most out of your style!


Regarding finally the identification of short hair that could be the top for your beauty needs, always remember that it is appropriate to try to share every single aesthetic aspect with your hairdresser, therefore trying to find a good way to enhance your points of value and, perhaps, hide some small flaw. We are sure that a careful look at our photogallery will be the right starting point for choosing your new form of beauty!


25 style proposals for seductive short hair!

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