27 spectacular short haircuts: here are the most beautiful trends of the moment!

27 spectacular short haircuts: here are the most beautiful trends of the moment!

We will never tire of offering you new short haircuts, for the benefit of young and old women. And it is precisely on this awareness that we are pleased to offer you new hair styles with reduced extensions, which can be used on any occasion with identical satisfaction: trends that we are sure can be well exploited also during the next autumn – winter, giving all women who they will have the opportunity to marry them with conviction, the results of great impact as regards their correct structuring and their incredible potential for romance and seduction!


Short hair is on the other hand one of the most appreciated choices by celebrities from all over the world, who with pixie & co have managed to find a new style inspiration, and a new indisputable seduction.


The cut of short hair can in fact be easily adapted to the characteristics of each one, thus offering extremely valid satisfactions in terms of researching geometries, symmetries, sober and less rigorous, soft versions and much more!


Having said that, we cannot forget how important it is to choose the right pixie cut for your tastes and your visual characteristics, thus going to focus on more proportionate and more suitable volumes for your face.


In this regard, it is also worth remembering, once again, how much the pixie and short haircuts are double-sided medals. Therefore, if on the one hand they can certainly assure you indescribable advantages in terms of hair fashion, on the other hand they can also represent an important danger: just as short cuts are able to fully highlight the qualities of your face [19459004 ], with identical scope will also be able to highlight the defects. Therefore, maximum attention to the choice of the “right” short haircut, as the final result may not be as valid as you originally thought.


All our most attentive readers will have noticed how important this style is, and how much attention we have paid to this style in recent months. On several occasions we have in fact underlined with pleasure how important it can be to show off a beautiful short and wavy hair that can provide a fundamental added value on the front of sensuality and romance . A true style secret, which we want to share with you today through this long series of shots that we want to show you, in the hope that they will be useful elements for reflection and display.


On the other hand, it is well known that short and wavy hair is the top to try to better appreciate its strengths, thanks to the possibility of being able to express the advantageous characteristics of the female face and thanks to the possibility of being able to be exploited synergistically with the specific features of the face. A few examples?


If a woman has a rather long and thin face, she can try to attach the impression of a perfect oval through the lateral volumes (and at the same time, perhaps, try to lengthen her hair a few centimeters more than the traditional one short ). Try to talk about it with your hairdresser: we are sure that you will be able to identify many easily applicable tricks to be able to change your look.


And for whom has a round face?


Let’s start by remembering that the round face is in any case to all those women who have a non-oval face, whose width coincides with the length (or almost!) And whose contours therefore appear to be not very sweet and poorly defined . A type of face that only apparently could be counterproductive towards a short cut, but which instead could have an added value in pixie , given and considered that the short – for example, the disheveled one – could have example give greater movement to the hairline, creating a feeling of greater dynamism to the face.


Anyway, our advice, if you have a particularly round face, is to avoid the pixie cut too close to the head, preferring instead a cut of short hair which naturally “tends” to the medium, and which can thus give the right momentum to the face. Attention must therefore be concentrated above all on the element of the unthreading, with a cut unthreaded from the hairline, ensuring greater volume at the roots. Absolutely avoid geometric shapes and clean, square lines, which could damage the impression guaranteed by your round features.


A good starting point to avoid making easy mistakes is to orient your choice based on the shape of the face. The fact that it is a short cut must not in fact allow you to be led into easy temptations (that is: it will not be necessary to personalize it!). Instead, it is better to stand in front of the mirror and do some analysis of your visual characteristics, being followed and helped by your hairdresser: a preventive examination that will allow you to obtain better and long-lasting results over time.



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