27 super romantic short haircuts for fall winter

27 super romantic short haircuts for fall winter

In the following lines, in fact, we identify many new styles of short hair , very romantic, that women of all ages could consider wearing in the coming weeks, thus accompanying their hairstyle towards the part. final of the year. But which short hair styles should you focus on?


Short and wavy, a deadly mix!


The first trend that we recommend you evaluate for the “well-being” of your hairstyle is, of course, to resort to a good move. The wavy hair , light and dynamic, more or less voluminous, will in fact remain an essential point of reference for all those women who want only the best from their hairstyles. We therefore advise you to study it and personalize it with due attention, since the final result will certainly not betray your expectations. Ideal for all women with natural wavy hair but, at the same time, also with those with straight hair who do not disdain the possibility of reviving their look.


Bob short


From our study, of course, the bob , a true protagonist of the current season, of the past one and – surely! – also of the future one. It is sufficient to properly calibrate the lengths and scales, choose the right tuft or the fringe , and enjoy the final result. It is a real pass of comfortable and safe reliability to be able to reach your destination: have a sober and easily customizable hair style, to be declined from time to time in an elegant or jaunty way, according to the specific indications that you will share with your hairdresser .


Pixie cut


If you really want to give us a cut , nothing better than to focus on a nice very short pixie cut, which can revolutionize your hairstyle and show yourself in a new and spectacular light. Always remember that it is appropriate to calibrate the lengths and locks with particular and specific attention, and that it might be a good solution to resort to a slightly messy, disheveled effect. But be careful not to overdo it: if in fact it is true that the next few months will reward the most casual looks, it is also true that going beyond this trend will mess up the hairstyle and make it poorly pleasing to the eyes of others and … to yours!




We close today too with a beautiful collection of very romantic short hair photos that you can choose to use in the double autumn winter season. This is a gallery that we suggest you to evaluate with particular attention, given and considered that from it you will be able to get at least some valid inspiration that you will end up sharing and discussing with your hairdresser. We therefore invite you to a careful consultation and, in case you want to experiment, let us know how your personal restyling session ended up at the hairdresser!


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