30 best short haircuts for October and November!

30 best short haircuts for October and November!


We thought we would do you something by showing a photo gallery with 30 styles of short haircuts that you could consider wearing profitably during the month of October, trying to get the best in terms of practicality, sensuality, femininity and glamor.


But what are the haircuts that we would recommend for the next few weeks?


If you have been following us for a long time, you know very well that it is not possible to provide a precise and unambiguous answer to this question. However, you also know very well that it is still possible to try to offer some valid ideas that can allow you to recreate at your home some excellent short haircut looks, guaranteeing you an optimal final result, and even without necessarily having to resort to the attention of your hairdresser. of reference. For example, it will be sufficient to move a tuft or change the volumes, in order to have a new look to admire and show!


Equally naturally, if you don’t want to go overboard with very short hair – which will also be in fashion in the next winter season – nothing prevents you from opting for a cut that can slightly lengthen your short hair, perhaps resulting in a nice bob to customize: the helmets – as all our most loyal readers know – are one of the styles that we appreciate most for versatility and flexibility, and are also one of the most delicious trends for women around the world, who have been able to get the best out of this type of hair fashion.


In the photogallery that we show you, you will also have the opportunity to appreciate one of the many most popular short haircuts, the one with a long side tuft that sensually covers part of the forehead, eye and cheeks. A hairstyle that is also very versatile, and that you will easily be able to recreate on a daily basis with a few small tips, and a few comb strokes.


The short and straight hair are styles with a great personality, which will certainly be able to give a spirit of creativity and strong charm to all women who will know how to “wear them” in the best way, making your beauty further enriched by a style that will not only accompany the gentle facial features, but also focus the attention of those who look at you on specific elements of the face (for example, the eyes or lips) depending on lengths and geometries that you can recreate.


Having established the above, imagine that you are faced with a sort of picture. Contrary to what happens with wavy hair or very curly , the straight hair offer a kind of “flat surface” on which the your face will shine and stand out. So, if you have long since abandoned your straight and straight style, perhaps autumn – winter may be the good time to brush up on the old charm, and therefore find a lost hairstyle.


Equally of course, our advice can only go to the many photogallery that over the months we have had the opportunity to offer you with particular and mutual satisfaction. Photogallery – like today’s one – in which you will find a good range of different alternatives ready to satisfy your thirst for hair fashion, directing you to delicious occasions of restyling .


As always we have the opportunity to remember in our daily editorial activities, the real key to your style success can only be to concentrate on customizing the style. So even if you are convinced that you have found the look that’s right for you in one or more photos, remember that not everything is gold that glitters.


30 best short haircuts for October and November!

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