30 brand new short haircuts you can't miss!

30 brand new short haircuts you can't miss!

If you are looking for the latest best short haircuts in circulation, then you are in the right place. But before jumping headlong into the consultation and admiration of some of the most “in” trends in short hair, perhaps you had better think about some determinants that could guide your choice in the most accurate way, while putting yourself at the same time. easy shelter of misunderstandings and dramatic aesthetic slips!


But why so much caution? Although there is a remedy for everything (and also for a very short haircut that you really don’t like!) it is good to try to minimize the operations on your hair . It follows that when you decide to go from long / medium to short / very short, or when you choose to heavily review your already excellent short haircut, it would be appropriate to think of something really appropriate, avoiding falling into the easy temptation to rely on the first look that happens. The risk of acting hastily and being terribly disappointed is in fact just around the corner.


A cut for every face!


Let’s start by remembering that, beyond the current trends, much will always depend on the type of your face. For example, if you have a beautiful oval, you could indulge yourself more easily in choosing what you prefer, given that the oval is a fundamental starting point. On the other hand, if you have a square face, you can sweeten the contours with a scaled cut, not too short. If, on the other hand, the face is round, try to give the figure a better verticality by avoiding well-defined fringes and too severe cuts.


Green light for casual style!


Once you have identified the right work bases for your next look, it is certainly worth remembering that among the most popular trends in this autumn (and we had understood a little since last spring) there is the cheeky style . In other words, try to approach a nice short haircut that is not excessively sober and rigid, but which – on the other hand – can rest its beauty and its pleasantness on messy locks and on a touch of cheeky touch.


So, established the above, first of all try to look at your hair and understand what it is: fine or thick ? Are they tending to frizz ? How do they react to humidity ? These are decisive questions, the answer to which could make your hairdresser’s scissors lean towards one or the other cut. So think about it very well, and then “reveal” this and other important information to the hairstylist.


Secondly, it would be good to try to dwell on the shape of your face. Is it round or elongated? Do you have protruding cheekbones? Are the ears flapping? Is the chin pointed? For each of these and other features there are specific cuts: we have talked about it for a long time in the last few months, and this is the occasion to go and reread these insights.


Another aspect that we advise you to note is that of age. Although there is no univocal relationship, it is also good to consider that – and the same is true for men – the passing of the years involves big changes in your skin, in your features, in your hair. Therefore, always try to find the most suitable solution as you progress with time , avoiding always flattening yourself on the cut you had as a girl. Time passes, and the nature of your hair also changes.


Having said that, we leave you to our gallery which we advise you to look at with particular attention. There are 30 different ways in which you will be able to approach them in the best way at the end of the year, and which you could try to use to be able to beautify your hairstyle to a more significant extent, in line with the modern trends being affirmed.


As always, our final suggestion is always to seek the advice of a good hairdresser, who can allow you to avoid mistakes of any kind in planning your new look. Talk openly with him, and get advice on what the best ways to revive your image may be. And remember: let us know what you think of these styles, and if you have found something of particular liking!





























































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