30 delicious short, wavy haircuts for the next month!

30 delicious short, wavy haircuts for the next month!

The wavy haircuts are in fact the most pleasant thing to be able to win an image of full dynamism and movement, lightening one’s figure and exploiting the presence of waves , rebellious tufts and much more, in order to improve one’s external appearance and, perhaps, to conceal some flaws.


Therefore, whether you have natural wavy hair, or whether you have to make it wavy with some artifice, nothing changes: wavy haircuts will be able to marry perfectly with short, medium and long hair, allowing you to range between hundreds of different hairstyles. Sensuality, glamor, charm, attractiveness, seduction and romance, will be so easily conquered with a pinch of attention in styling. As for the colors to be used on the wavy hair cuts , our advice in this autumn and winter period is to follow the main trends of the moment, which seem to reward the presence of rather warm colors: red and all its shades, rather than caramel, bronze or other shades declined with beach waves or balayage, will give you the impression that summer is never over, and that winter is just a small parenthesis within a very long hot season!


As far as cutting methods are concerned, your hairdresser – we are convinced! – will certainly be able to direct you to the best solutions. The top, in these weeks, however, seems to be represented by the possibility of approaching a slightly scaled cut, able to give the right sense of lightness to your hair, ordering the volumes where they are needed, and removing them where they are instead useless, and able only to weigh down the whole figure.


Short wavy hair, the top attraction!


The reason for this choice is easy to say: the short and wavy hair can guarantee an undoubted attractiveness towards all those women who choose to rely on the expert hands of a hairdresser who can build on the right style of them. And so, from shorter hair to those that touch the shoulders, the range of alternatives able to give you the right satisfaction will be revealed in all its breadth …


What color to match?


A second choice that should inspire your stylistic cautions is related to identifying the good color to combine with the short and choppy haircut . Also in this case, we are concerned not to add anything new compared to what we have had the opportunity to explore in recent months: the top trend will be linked to the manifestation of a dynamic and natural color, which can reward the play of light and the [19459002 ] brightness . So, do not opt ​​for a flat and homogeneous color, but always try to share with your hairdresser the possibility of adopting one of the many coloring techniques that we have studied in depth with pleasure in recent months.


How to bring them?


Fortunately for you, “wearing” your short hair and wavy is really very simple and, in fact, in most cases you won’t have to do anything! In fact, it will be sufficient to indulge the naturalness of your hair and limit yourself to managing some rebel lock with the help of ad hoc products. Remember in fact that although the trend of winter 2017 in terms of hair fashion is certainly to reward the look casual, it is better not to overdo it: the step that separates you from appearing neglected and unkempt is not so wide, and therefore it would be good not to take risks.


Undercut: why not?!?


A good way that we advise you to evaluate in order to maximize the effect of your short hair is also given by the possibility of “playing” with the contrasts of volume. In this regard, as has been well seen over the past few years, the undercut will certainly be a privileged path: with a great personality and capable of rejuvenating every look, the undercut will in fact be able to reward yours hairstyle in an innovative way. The widest and most voluminous part of the foliage can also be made to fall naturally on the shaved area, which you will decide to discover at your convenience.


Having also established the foregoing, we leave you at our photogallery today: 30 wavy haircuts that we have identified for the next month, and which we now want to submit to you through a gallery that is not afraid of any comparison or comparison. All you have to do is browse it with attention and greed, and understand what the styles can be that can best adapt to your visual characteristics and your personality. Ask the reference hairstylist for advice, and get ready to wear your new wavy hairstyle with pleasure!































































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