30 short hair styles you can't say no to!

30 short hair styles you can't say no to!

The short women’s hairstyles are ideal for the summer season: they require little effort both in terms of styling and care but… this certainly does not mean that they cannot be the right point of arrival for everyone women who want to show off a new and creative look, every day. However, if you are still uncertain, and you want to have a helping hand and encouragement to take the step that will lead you from having a short hair starting from a very long hair, of below you will find some tips, some good reasons to do it and many (100!) photos to use as a starting point for your restyling projects.


Many reasons to go to the short film


The girls and women who before you have experienced the satisfaction of going to the short will probably be the best sponsors of this choice of great importance.


However, today we want to try to provide you with some useful and concrete ideas to be able to move to short hairstyle, extracting among the many suggestions and among the many motivations those that better than others seem to be able to satisfy your ambitions of style .


First of all, it is good to remember that the short haircuts are a really cool choice, especially if you are going to identify the styles that are going for the greatest: by matching your specifications characteristics to the most important and modern trends in hair fashion, you will certainly be able to find a winning and deadly mix!


Then keep in mind that a short cut is really very comfortable: it can dry itself (and therefore will not suffer the stress of dryers, hair dryers, plates, etc.) and will allow you to easily experiment with many make-up to effect. It is indeed very true (and all women who have a hostile short can guarantee it!) That unlike many people think short cuts are practically infinite, and therefore you will be able to identify many ideas for your new short hair in a few minutes: try to take a look at our gallery today to find out more!


Many customizations ready for use


Still in relation to the main characteristics of the short haircuts , we invite you to consider how short hair is not vintage hair that looks to the past at all, but concrete statements of a modern and trendy hair fashion. Contemporary.


To the above we also add the fact that there are different lengths in the definition of “shorts”: therefore it goes from medium short to very short , depending on your preferences and how much you really want to dare. Finally, always remember that you can experiment with many different colors on your hair, and that you can combine smooth or curly (or wavy) styles with identical confidence and satisfaction.


In short, having clarified the above, we can only leave you with our maxi gallery of reference: we wanted to identify and share with you 100 fantastic proposals to which you cannot say absolutely no. Try to browse the gallery that you find in the lines below with particular passion and dedication, making you win by the curiosity you should have in the consultation.


If you find any style that you think is right for you (in our opinion you won’t have any difficulty!) Remember to talk about it with your trusted hairdresser and to study together with him what are the best customizations that could be the case for to do in order to achieve an even more delicious and suitable result for your strengths.


Once this small obstacle has been overcome, you just have to confirm the desired hairstyle and let us know what you think of this gallery and what the final result was!





























































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