30 short haircuts to renew our look!

30 short haircuts to renew our look!

Short hair has always been a highly valued hairstyle: many stars, actresses, models and models wear them by exhibiting them proudly on the most important catwalks all over the world: So let’s have a cut too. A clean cut. No, better: a short cut .


Short cut: need for renovation


Often the need to renew our life , to give a different course to our habits also passes through symbolic gestures, such as the haircut . Begin to see the renewal of the things around us starting from our reflected image. The same that then determines inner security to approach new unexplored paths or even follow the same paths already traveled but with a different spirit. And why not start from a short haircut ?


Fears, perplexities, uncertainties towards the adoption of a short cut , are part of the game, part of the change that is taking place. Fears dictated by external factors, such as the ability of our hairdresser to be able to interpret this request for change and at the same time combine it with the shapes of the face, the temperament that is expressed in that given period, up to those more ‘intimate’ uncertainties “ I will be fine … I will like it … it suits me … “and so on.


Short cut: hesitation and brakes


But if the decision to migrate to a new look, even if coming out from a prolonged period of hairstyles with long cut , has well settled in you, it won’t be these small ones uncertainties to curb or reduce the positive charge of renewal.


The desire to feel more beautiful will give you that confidence that you will consciously make the decision to give your hair a short cut and imagine you in a new guise, explorers of a your new world to be experienced, in the light of a different image of you that you will refer to outside.


Short cut: see to wish


One fundamental rule of marketing is to show things, to show them better, to set in motion a mechanism of desire . If we don’t see, we can’t wish. And this also applies to giving strength and consistency to our request for renewal starting from the hair, migrating towards a short cut. Look around what is proposed: the cut, the shades, the color … the details. And starting from those images “seen” that starts the process of desire and adoption of the model. An adoption never tout court but always mediated by our request for change and by our desire to renew and reinvent ourselves. The necessary readjustment, starting from desire, to our personality.


And the beginning of this transformation with the adoption of a short cut , could be our site with the thousands of images proposed in the gallery and the countless tips to help you in a choice as more aware possible. Tips that will serve to clarify your ideas and compare them with your trusted hairdresser.


And then, what more to add. In many I imagine you are projected towards this new year, after a decidedly difficult period for the whole community, full of purposes and desires. In some cases accompanied by a much deeper demand for change and a great deal of desire to renew. And then it would be appropriate to stop and try to imagine yourself in a new guise, and why not, with a beautiful and innovative short cut .


Short hair, new ideas for getting the best look


Let’s start with the natural look. Just as it happened for the autumn that is about to end, winter will also be represented by a particularly seductive style, provided you focus on the natural. Woe to therefore exaggerate on too rigid and “forced” finishes. Better to leave your hair lighter and free to move, especially if you are fortunately at the disposal of a touch of wavy or curly: in these cases, a beautiful disheveled will be the most popular!


Another category of short hair that certainly won’t betray is pixie hair. These are very masculine cuts, which can actually guarantee an added touch of femininity on your hair. You can try to associate this cut with a delicate finish, with a bit of a wet effect (even in winter!) In order to obtain a successful hairstyle and a great guarantee of tightness.


If the above is not enough to satisfy your style needs and your look alternatives, do not forget that the lion’s share will certainly be represented by the short bob: the short helmets did the success of many women who were looking for a simple method to be able to modernize their short hair, and we are sure that the same will also happen in the near future. The short bob can also be worn very smooth, combined with a beautiful thick fringe or worn, or with a side tuft .


Finally, if you have a nice heart-shaped face, you will have to try to avoid excessively short cuts , and instead proceed to the adoption of a bob that reaches the height of the chin, with the semi-gathered hairstyle with tufts that fall on the cheekbones and jaws which can be proposed as the ideal solution.


Having said that, always remember to be accompanied, in the choice, by a good professional. The role of the trusted hairstylist will be very important to avoid unpleasant mistakes, and to find the best style for your hair!


Women who have passed through it at least once in their life know this well . Once the short cut is ready, everything looks wonderfully perfect. Then, as the weeks go by, the more or less pixie cut extends its length, and the geometries that had been recreated by the hairdresser vanish, to leave room for other unexpected shapes. Therefore, the legitimate question comes: how can we manage short hair that grows?


Once again the point of reference for a fair response, as if it were a sibyl of the sector (but a little clearer) is Salvo Filetti, haristylist of Compagnia della Bellezza and L’Oreal Professionel, which we have several times mentioned on our site. Consulted by Marie Claire for the question we asked ourselves,


Filetti declared that “ if starting from a pixie cut, it is essential to harmonize the differences in length between the nape and the side parts. Without forgetting to thin out a few centimeters at the tail which is determined at the nape of the neck. In fact, the more defined the perimeter, the better the silhouette of the cut and its length are perceived. Without forgetting to create a very soft scaling at the head center to ensure verticality and momentum “.


Of course, things change if the woman has little patience (and we are sure that many readers will be rediscovering themselves in this profile!). In this case, in fact, Filetti proposes to evaluate the partial extensions. “A successful example? Jennifer Lawrence. Last year it was enough to put a few strands cut in the intermediate areas, to immediately give the perception of a yoke, a new mini bob . For each, therefore, the customized solution “- the hair deisgner still remembers.





























































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