33 fantastic medium haircuts for round faces

33 fantastic medium haircuts for round faces

Do you have a beautiful face round ? Finding the best medium or medium long haircut should not be a particular problem for you. To arrive at the definition of the best medium or medium long hair style for you, start for example by remembering that the optimal starting point is certainly represented by the bob longer in the front , able to give the impression of a more elongated and sinuous , dynamic and lighter figure. As intuitive as possible, this is only the starting point: the rest should be done with your hairdresser , going to characterize every single detail. Read further to find out a little more!


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Currently, the best length for haircuts of people who have a particularly round face is definitely to stop the cut at shoulder height. Going below the chin line, in fact, you will get the impression of a natural elongation of your figure, optimizing everything, perhaps, with appropriate games of scaling and slipping.


As regards the fringe and the tufts, these are two elements that we advise you to carefully weigh with your hairdresser: a good choice could in fact be to play with a slightly extended and light fringe, open in the center of the front .


Wavy hair represents one of the main trends of recent years, especially on short hair. But on the middle ones and in relation to a round face ? Our advice, if this is your reference case, is to be particularly careful: sometimes in fact the medium and wavy hair on the round faces tend to be excessively voluminous, and to give an even more rounded appearance than you actually are. Therefore, try to adjust the look (or, better, have it adjusted by your hairdresser) in a messy key, but without exaggerating the dishevels and the lateral volumes, always preferring the longitudinal ones.


We complete our in-depth analysis with a beautiful series of photographic shots that show us how 30 very different women have managed to obtain the best results through a medium haircut. Try to browse carefully with the shots below, and focus in particular on those that you think may be more attractive. Evaluate every single detail and talk to your hairdresser. And don’t forget to let us know how it turned out and what look you chose!


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