35 short hair styles for anyone with an oval face

35 short hair styles for anyone with an oval face

Do you have the oval face ? Well, not only are you generically “lucky”, but you can also boast a good starting point for any type of hair style, , straight, wavy or curly, long or short. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing surprising in reading, since these introductory sessions, that our choice was very simple. Having an oval face allows you to enjoy an invaluable advantage over women who may have a visa that is too round or too square!


Short wavy hair, which to choose?


Introduced the foregoing in the last few lines, we can only remember how short and wavy hair give a lot to people who have an oval face. If you add to this the fact that there are many different styles of short hair for women who have an oval face, this results in the opening up of a practically infinite range of alternatives, all to be discovered and experimented with!


So, if you are particularly tired of the style you have today on hair style, and you want to change with something new, you can evaluate the experimentation of the styles that we offer you in the preceding lines, and customize them based on your specific characteristics.


Which style to choose?


The styles available to all women who have an oval face and want to marry short and wavy hair are – as already mentioned above – very many. Leafing through our photogallery you will realize, for example, that you can get extraordinary results through inverted bobs, shorts and even more casual , and more.


Important – as always we are pleased to remind you – the need to decline the style chosen on the basis of your peculiarities. It will be sufficient to try to adapt lengths, volumes and color in reference to your tastes and in reference to your actual visual characteristics, in order to obtain a result of great visual impact!


Small tips on short haircuts


If you have a face with oval or even round features, the choice may fall on the pixie cut . If, on the other hand, you have it triangular, then discard the cuts that give excess volume at the base of the hair . Finally, if you have squared it, we carefully discard haircut with androgynous mood and thus we will avoid further hardening of the features.


# 1 Mossi


Wavy hair is especially recommended for those short haircuts created on elongated faces because they increase the feeling of width, balancing the disproportions of the face.


# 2 Lateral shaving


For the cuts of short hair a lateral shave is the crest in the center is a brazenly male haircut . Fine for all, EXCEPT FOR THOSE WITH MASCULINE FEATURES!


# 3 A beautiful bangs


The bangs create a more casual look and, if you leave the nape of your neck naked, you will give even more impetus to the whole. For skinny types, it is the ideal haircut . For make-up a nice SMOKE EYES in brown shades.


# Alternative lob


Round faces who love short bob will avoid the “helmet” look: wavy bangs or even tufts are the ideal alternative !


# 5 The b oyish


When you opt for one of these short haircuts, a boy’s cut, for example, the facial features will be more visible, even any defects. It is essential to have good proportions between the neck, shoulders and chin.


# 6 Thin hair


For those who appreciate cuts made of geometry and equality, having thin hair, give it to us!


# 7 Volume


A cut curly and voluminous ideal on squared faces . Softened features and the right movement.


# 8 BIG curls


We are facing the ideal cut for an oval face and natural curls . No ad hoc styles are needed and it dries almost by itself!


# 9 The p ixie cut


Supercorto, extreme and androgynous choice. Very practical, it fits ONLY on flawless faces with oval and heart shapes. For women of character.


# 10 Extreme cuts


Even more extreme than the previous pixie. Not really for all


# 11 “Super” curls


Messy order. We play with colors, maybe we warm the tips with copper shades.


# 12 Cut with “ Bon ton”


Very trendy short haircuts with long fringes covering the forehead, as if it were a very short bob . The look is “bon ton” and also romantic.


# 13 Fila


Very clear and precise, the row geometrically separates the crown into two parts. We comb the tuft back and apply the finish sleek .


The gaze is partially covered by this very long tuft. Recommended for those with very smooth hair.


# 15 Asymmetrical tufts


The seasonal orientation provides for tufts or fringes of uneven lengths which partially cover the forehead and also the eyes. Great sensuality .


35 short hair styles for anyone with an oval face

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