37 best short haircuts for 2019!

37 best short haircuts for 2019!

Short hair lovers, hold on tight! In order to enrich your range of potential alternatives, there is nothing better than to continue reading this brief study, since at the end of it you will be able to find 37 different styles that could be the most popular during 2019 and that, therefore, they may represent your next choice. Therefore, continue reading to discover the most useful ideas to be able to make a good restyling in the next few days, and thus arrive to greet the new year with a new hairstyle to be discovered!


Short or very short?


A first aspect that we advise you to keep in mind in view of an upcoming restyling, is that short hair does not necessarily have to be very short. The range of short hairstyle that is emerging for the next few months is in fact quite varied, and it seems gradually to prefer medium-short hair and those playing on the contrasts of volume . Therefore, if until now you have kept away from short hair because you thought there was a need to cut it excessively, you have plenty of time to change your mind and to be able to identify one style that can fully mirror your preferences!


Pixie, messy, undercut & co.!


Having introduced the foregoing, and taking a small step forward, we cannot but remember that the embarrassment of the choice is certainly not only of the length, but also of the style and hairstyle that you may be able to show off. For 2019 the range is quite varied and open: you can focus on traditional pixie cuts, on short bob , on undercuts combined with pixies (very trendy!) Or on a more generic boyish style, perhaps appreciated mostly through the use of a messy effect which, if you mess up the hair a little, can be useful to give you a touch of more youthful, cheeky.


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