4 Tips To Get Voluminous Hair


Fluffy hairstyles make your hair look fuller and healthier than it is. However, the problem of many people is that their hair, which they shape, becomes short after volume or never reaches a voluminous appearance. You can enjoy your full hair with four effective methods that will eliminate the problem of voluminous hair.


With a thin-edged comb, you can create a volume by creping the bottom of the hair with gentle movements. However, do not scan the pancake section. Support volume by smoothing the remaining hair from the top without over-combing. Spray stabilizer spray for a smooth look.


Hair always gets used when they leave the same place, which causes the hair to look flat. So make the distinction in the opposite direction than usual. So your hair follicles will look much more voluminous. Suggestion for short hair; Apply a short separation to make the back of your hair look longer and more voluminous.


Apply a hair color on your separation line. Since your scalp will not look white, your hair will get a much fuller look.


Separate your hair into tufts and fasten your tresses by turning the tufts around itself. Squeeze the hair spray on this snail-like hair now. You should squeeze the hair spray without opening the hair so that it can keep its volume longer.


All these methods can bring you the voluminous hair you have dreamed of. However, there are also mistakes made in the daily routine, which makes your hair look voluminous. This was mentioned in our article that caused the hair to lose its shine and softness. You can have cool hair by applying these effective 4 tips before and after what you shouldn’t do.








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