40 cuts with clear reflections for a fantastic new look!

40 cuts with clear reflections for a fantastic new look!

Those who follow us for the longest time know well that the bob (or bob) is one of the haircuts that we prefer most for its versatility and for the possibility of being able to customize it and decline it in dozens of different ways, on any type of face.


A choice that has been married with satisfaction by the main beauty salons and, consequently, by the many women who have approached this style.


Anyway, going back to our evaluations, today we are pleased to offer you a beautiful photogallery with 40 different styles of helmet (bob) with reflections capable of giving greater shine to the hair. Leafing through the photo gallery that we have extracted for you, you will therefore be able to understand which are the best alternatives, giving your look a healthy modern and innovative aspect.


From the shortest bob to the lob, the elongated bob, the bob is certainly a perfect solution for those who want to put aside a long cut and don’t want to change your appearance, however, going to approach a too short cut. Of course, since this is an extremely personal choice, you could well opt for different lengths (from the jaw to a length almost above the shoulders), wearing it with the fringe or with the side line, and soft waves only on the tips.


Our photogallery today can in fact support you on identifying an alternative look for medium hair, a length that we have often underestimated in favor of the longer lengths and especially the cuts of short hair . However, it is good to remember that medium hair is among the most common on Italian hair, so much so that every day these lengths are adopted by many women of all ages, increasingly convinced of the validity of this kind of versatile style.


On the other hand, it is very straightforward to understand how wide the possibilities put in the hands of all those who wish to be able to develop their own personal style on medium hair: minimal or more flashy styles, more or less traditional hairstyles and accessories to be inserted on the foliage in order to enrich and enhance your efforts.


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