40 short haircuts, a new collection of styles and colors!

40 short haircuts, a new collection of styles and colors!

Short hair is certainly one of the most popular trends in recent years. Increasingly “married” by young people, as well as by more mature ones, it is one of the favorite lengths of Italian women who, obviously, just can’t help but give us a full-bodied cut, making their look more cheeky (but no less romantic!) and to be able to model one’s hairstyle in an extremely flexible and customizable way, declining it – in terms of size and ease of arrangement – in the best possible way.


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The short hair styles can now be enjoyed with particular satisfaction by all women – even the youngest ones – able to give themselves (through this look) the preferred hairstyle: short hair can therefore be the top if you try to ride a glamorous look or a chic, cheeky or boyish style, without losing any penny in romance and sensuality.


Well, just to allow you to have a further overview of the various possibilities that will be given to you regarding short hair, it seemed a very useful thing to offer you a gallery of brand new hair styles and colors, which you will have to evaluate and wear over the next few months. A photo gallery that we invite you to browse, and in which you will certainly be able to find your favorite cut: a photo gallery that we advise you not to miss, going to choose your favorite cut and, consequently, what you could go to ” wear ”over the next few months!


Inside today’s photogallery, in fact, you will find a good range of scaling, maxi tufts, more or less dared shaves, sober or eccentric colors, smooth or wavy hairstyles, minimal or voluminous, fringes or not, pixie cut or bob abundant. In short, everything and more, for your aesthetic well-being!


But what are the colors for short hair that will be popular in the coming months?


Among the specific colors, on the other hand, Filetti clearly identifies marsala, recognized globally as one of the top of the season. “Certainly being a red nuance cooled by violin pigments, in its total color it could be experienced as eccentric and niche, but it can actually be seen as a simple nuance with natural positioning at the tips: it would thus represent one of the splendid nuances for beige leathers and light and dark olives, alternatives to the reassuring bronde “- remembers Filetti, thus denoting some advantage lines of this wonderful color.


Still, the ronze, one of the great protagonists of the last few weeks, which we talked about extensively in his time. A color that can warm scarlet nuances today, remembers Filetti, “especially by blending them with light, ivory and peach skin (in many cases rich in ephelids). In our Compagnia della Bellezza salons the new ‘buzzing’ reds are technically diluted by gold already in the background color. They are then made intense and vibrant by microscopic and invisible internal chunks which are lighter (in red gold tones) and darker (in milk chocolate tones). This blush technique determines an intense and deep compact result ”.


The cuts that made history


Not a day goes by that our site does not deal properly with what “happens” in the world of short hair, one of our favorite lengths (and, apparently reading your comments and reports you send us, even one of the your most popular!). Equally often we mention some cuts and some hairstyles of the past, referring to them as real pivotal points in the evolution of this kind of aesthetic approach.


Well, the time has come to shed some light. Who are the icons of femininity that have made the leaps and bounds in the customs clearance of pixie cuts and other short cuts?


Leafing through our photogallery, you will surely have an overview of what we mean. All of this, starting from the first, true icon of femininity with short hair, that of Audrey Hepburn who in the 1950s surprised the world by presenting herself with an apparently boyish cut, which made the hearts of well over a generation fall in love. An elegant, refined, mischievous and very romantic cut, with which Hepburn has basically “made school”, opening the sector of short hair to many divas who will come. And, of course, also to many ordinary people who have been able to reflect in this excellent choice of style.


A few years later another great icon of femininity, Jean Seberg, had the opportunity to tap the nail on the front of short hair. On that occasion it was an even more daring pixie cut, with light hair that went to propose a tomboy cut, worn with ease and lightness by the protagonist. To get to the other great icon of femininity, you have to wait for the second half of the 1960s. We are naturally talking about Twiggy who, rather than a woman, went down in history for a real style icon, still easily recognizable today thanks to the legacy of her looks.


Anyway, our advice is to consult our photogallery. You will certainly find many historical ideas that could be right for you. How can we forget Keira Knightley’s short film, the one that made Audrey Tautou known to the world, or the timeless look of Halle Berry, who made a sign of her short or extra short cut?


Once you have carefully browsed our photogallery, we advise you to stop for a few minutes to think about whether the proposed cuts could actually be right for you. Try to understand (maybe, you can help yourself with a friend, before proceeding to the interview with the hairdresser), if the proposed cuts can be easily adapted to your garment, and try to understand if that particular look can actually be enjoyed by your personality and what you want to communicate. Unfortunately, the hairstyles that seem to be the most suitable on paper or on monitors often turn into sensational own goals for your beauty.


So, once you have identified the looks that seem most pleasant to you and try to understand with your hairdresser whether or not it is actually appropriate to proceed with the “switch” towards this kind of style. In some cases it could be a small or large look revolution but … why not take advantage of these weeks to be able to prepare for a global reinterpretation of your hairstyle?


We leave you now to our photogallery on Instagram @ capellistyle.it

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