40 very short cuts to share absolutely!

40 very short cuts to share absolutely!

On the other hand, there must be a reason if the super short cuts have been surprisingly successful since the beginning of this year, and continue to be in great demand also in the current autumn / winter 2015/2016 season. As can be seen from the fashion catwalks, short hair , unlike what was thought in the past, are an expression of great femininity .


Not to mention, then, that very short cut hair has the advantage of never having a bad appearance and there will never be a need to fight for to tame it . Leave the long hours of styling with curlers, brushes of all shapes and sizes, straightening plates or hair curlers. Short hair needs very little time to be fixed and it takes very little – a hairdryer, a brush or even your fingers – to have perfect hair even in the morning rush. Short hair , then, will not stick and do not stick on the head if you are surprised by the rain , and will not tangle if there is wind ! Do you still need more to convince you to take advantage of their positive side?


As it is easy to understand, the opportunities offered by contemporary short hair fashion are many. For example, a touch of class could be given to you by the bob, a traditional cut that, however, can be well adapted to all types of face and all types of hair structures. Simple to manage, widely customizable, it can be an ever-present and easily revisited cut, week after week.


If you love the less extended lengths of the bob, you can instead opt for a rather cheeky pixie, which can bring to your hair a touch of glamor more than what has been applied in the past. Ideal for women who have an oval and balanced face, your hairdresser will certainly not struggle to adapt this style of short hair even on more irregular faces, playing on the freshness of the tufts and fringes volumes.


Speaking of fringe, keep in mind that even in this part of the year this element of style will continue to distinguish many approaches by women who want a personal and impressive look. The fringe can be worn very short, French-style, or longer, thus creating a contrast with the rest of the short hair as regards the length.


Finally remember that there is no short haircut that can satisfy all women, and that therefore the solution to be able to identify the right look can only go through a ‘ careful reflection of the characteristics of your face, your hair and the impression you wish to give outside, compatibly with what is your personality and your character.


Take a look at these wonderful very short cuts for women and let yourself be tempted by their practicality !


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