45 medium and wavy cuts for spring / summer!

45 medium and wavy cuts for spring / summer!

Many, many ideas to copy taking a cue from the catwalks most scattered all over the world in terms of medium wavy cuts : let’s take inspiration from the images of the various backstages and take a cue from the look of the celebrities who medium-sized cuts are leading to success. Because? Quickly said: they too, the stars, need to wear comfortable and versatile hairstyles, and medium wavy cuts, such as wavy lobs, swags and wavy yokes respond very well from that point of view, without losing, especially thanks to [19459004 ] moved and undulating , nothing in terms of volume and vitality. Let’s find out together at least some of the proposals for medium-sized cuts for the warm season coming soon !


What are the average cuts moved more “in” for the beautiful incoming season?


The bob , with all its forms, is being renewed, thanks to the adoption of waves and curls with greater or lesser definition. Let’s see how the major hair stylists have revisited this classic.


The undulations can be more or less defined , wild wavy , with the points pointing upwards and the movement just mentioned. The medium cuts moved for this beautiful season are renewed in the style, looking for more modern and original structures. The pixie and also the lob (long bob), often equipped with bangs and / or tufts, come to life thanks to a movement that adds definition to the cut, perhaps with a romantic mood, such as we can see, for example, in the collections of Franck Provost, or from the “rock” mood as proposed to us by Evost. The forms are lightening (not emptying, of course!), On the temples or on the nape.


The colors for medium wavy cuts for spring / summer


Even color does its part , giving new shapes and defining details, even small ones, or giving new forms of light to the entire hair, perhaps with a classic shade, but which take on new vitality by some play of color, even by superimposing the points of light. And also the new colors of this beautiful season, starting with the blond which takes on an almost artificial shade and looks at the cold undertone, like glacé or platinum . The red lights up with shades copper , the black vibrates with a bluish reflection and the brown, which is reviving the laurels of the past, reflects warmer tones, from copper to chocolate.


How to “accessorise medium wavy haircuts?


Even medium haircuts wavy will benefit from the gringe, to be used instead of the “usual” bangs.


The gringe is the meeting point between the tuft and the fringe, which, leaving the forehead uncovered, the sail in a delicate way. Proposals for medium wavy hair with the gringe have been noticed on the catwalks of Gucci and also of Louis Vuitton.


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